Empire (S04E11) "Without Apology"

 ‘I tried to kill you!” Lucious wakes up. It’s a dream, or is it memory?  He seems to remember a lil’sum’n, pre Claws kidnapping #misery experience  He engages Thirsty, cause the voice and face, though blurred was Andre. #number1son
Lucious’ face is back in the opening logo,  as it should be.
Tiana and the brothers ‘(Keem & Mal) are on stage under the watchful eye of Eddie and wife Gisele (Nicole Ari Parker) just  says, “no,” to his charms.  ” I just want my money, Eddie ” (from you!)

Eddie’s “hungry like the wolf” look at Tiana appears to more than an interest in an artist 😈
Eddie is negotiator for XStream and Empire bizness. He’s with Kelly Patel, (Pej Vahdat) a Zuckerman type from Silicon Valley. He wants Empire. Eddie’s gonna help him. #traitor
Jamal brings Andre home.  

Three Black Divas, “TBD”  are doing a reunion album, promotioned by spilling the tea on Empire, from back in the day. They’re going live on the launch of the 20 year Showcase. They promise all the intimate details of how, what, when, where on the building of EMPIRE, starring, Lucious Lyon.  Tisha Campbell is hilarious as the almost washed up, Brooke. 👍

The divas are campy, deliberate and desperate.  #awful singing at the mall. They’re broke, old clothes and bad weaves. Cookie arrives for peace and their silence. She has a contract for the 3 But wait… they will accept the contract AND  an apology from Lucious or they’ll talk.
Eddie’s at the studio. He suggests, Jamal “step back” til his case is resolved. #Angelo is still dead Bad News. #manslaughter and Eddiw’s everywhere, isn’t he?
Lucious meets with TBD. He shows up with crystal chalis (3) as a peace offering. Then insults them, pissing them off. No deal. Cookie for the save. They’ll open Showcase.  

Andre goes to church, feeling guilty for the car bomb. It’s eating away his insides. His Rev (Charles Malik Whitfield) advises him to tell the one he offended. He says, “God has failed him” 😔 So sad is this character Where’s Nessa? (Sierra McClain) 🎤🎶
TBD open the 20 year showcase. They were good and it seems appropiate. It’s their coming home. 
Hakeem asked Tiana to marry him. Complete with ring and down on one knee. She loves him, but “no”  💔
Becky meets with  J Poppa. She cannot see him anymore.  It’s not their time. And we now know her decision. #nobaby #adoption #abortion 

Andre wants to talk with Pop, during his welcome home dinner, privately. The car bomb was cunning & calculated…”it was me” Andre takes full responsibility, leaving Shine out if it.
He gives Pop a gun to kill him. Lucious breaks down AND breaks things, attacking Andre, beating him. He doesn’t defend himself.
Lucious is stopped by Cookie, he cries. Probably realizing the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. It was definitely a moment of realization. Predictable, yet well done

Jamal and Hakeem judge Andre, while he ices his face.
CookIe continues to comfort Lucious, while offering an understanding for Andre’s actions. #compassion
Lucious is devastated, confused and frustrated. He’s not listening. #Ranting He stops when Cookie has what appears to be difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. She has chest pains. It appears she’s having a heart attack! She’s rushed to the hospital. Never saw that coming.

Cookie’s health was never on the table Yet with years of not caring for herself, emotionally,  mentally as well as physically, #17 ears  and a recent taser, this could be the result.  

So call the family, 🙏 I would love to see, Candace & Carol again; been too long

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