Requiem (S01E06) "Carys"

The following contains spoilers.

I cannot recommend this series enough. It is a hauntingly beautiful story, and the music draws you in deeper. It catches you off guard and goes off in surprising, yet thrilling directions. You can’t help but want more.

As the season comes to a close, the darkness surrounds each character. Cloaked in mystery and mayhem we are finally able to see past the chaos and into the void. Something big is coming and it has waited 23 long years to be released. The creators have presented the viewer with an unsettling mystery, causing the senses to become unwound. It has been quite the mental trip from start to finish.

The glimpse into Matilda’s (Lydia Wilson) past is necessary. Finally we see that Janice ( Joanna Scanlan) (or should we say Mary), didn’t mean Carys any harm. She was only trying to protect her from the bad people. Janice was able to successfully keep Carys hidden for all those years under a new name and location. The pull was too strong to ignore, just below the surface Matilda had always known that there was something more meant for her. Leaving her vulnerable and open to the approaching darkness.

Nick ( James Frecheville) has been on Matilda’s radar for a while now, there is something off about him. His motives prove to be driven by the promise of money, a lot of it. He was tasked to watch over Matilda and let the others know of her comings and goings. Everything is part of a bigger, well calculated plan. Matilda has fallen right into their grasp and there is no way out of it this time.

Sean (Sam Hazeldine) appears, seemingly out of nowhere. He has been injured, by none other than Matilda. During one of her black outs she was taken over by one of the others. It’s scary to think that they can have that kind of control over someone, and if it were to fall into the wrong hands, that would spell doom for everyone. He comes with a warning of things to come. Something ancient is coming, and it want’s Matilda. This information should terrify her, instead she stands her ground. She isn’t going anywhere.

Graves (Clare Calbraith) has become privy to all that Matilda has uncovered, finally she seems to be receptive of the possibilities of a conspiracy that has been going on right under her nose. It’s great to see that there are competent forces trying to set things right, although you never know who you can trust. Trying to find some validity to Matilda’s claims they make a long, over due visit to the Deane house. It ends with Matilda getting arrested, trying to protect David and take him away from that place.

Every character seems to play an important role in this series. I feel like that is why it stands out from the rest. There is this rich story that has been expertly woven into a tale of intrigue and mystery. You can’t help but think that this path is the only one for Matilda, even when she was in her other life, something coaxed her back to her place of birth. It has always been there, hiding under the surface, biding time until the final pieces clicked together.

Power fluctuations and misplaced trust set the events in motion. Kendrick’s (Brendan Coyle) leads Matilda down the path of her undoing. It’s almost stomach churning when she follows him without question back to the Deane house. Her connection to David, her brother, is undeniable. She cannot give him up without a fight, and that is what they had counted on. Being right where they want her, there is nowhere else to go, but into the darkness.

An overwhelming sense of peace and dread seems to settle over Matilda. Resigning herself to a life she has been running from for all these years. The agonizing pain courses through her body as she let’s go, allowing the arch angel to take her over. It has been a part of her since the day she was born, this was just an awakening. Those who have wronged her, well, let’s just say there isn’t a happy ending for them.

Existing as one, Matilda has a new chance at life. What lies beneath, well it is unsure as to what it’s expectations are, and what it is capable of. I surely hope that we are able to explore this new world, the doors are open and the story is unlimited. Things are unfolding as they should.

It was a brilliant moment when a newly awakened Rose embraced her daughter, Carys is back.

And our dear friend Hal (Joel Fry)? Don’t worry. He’s very much alive.

This was the season finale of Requiem. I sure hope there is more to come!

Photo: Screen capture taken by author of review.