Star (S02E11) "Take it to Church"

It was a dream, another one, the same one and Mama Mary is in it singing the same ol’song. Startled, Star awakens and goes outside.  
Derek is there. They’re living in his Grams house, Ms Ruby, pending the repair of Carlotta’s place. Where’ s Alex sleeping? 
Star, after a brief,  “did you know about Noah & Alex”  with Derek, goes for a walk.  At the neighborhood club, Star sees her mother, singing. 🎤🎶 #hallucinations 
The next day, Alex is outside waiting for the girls. She chooses not to encounter Derek. They’re meeting with  Charles Floyd he’s an a****** And  I didn’t know that word is filtered. 😁 #censored

Mama Carlotta (Patti Labelle) calls cousin Brick (Marcus Lewis) to beat Omari’s ass or kill him. Whatever works #familyaffair 
Ayanna is drunk with pills, since being fired…by her dad! 😣 This makes Simone’s, guardianship  a mess. ‘Sorry, she backs out. #hotmess
Charles Floyd wants Noah…and Alex on tour next month. “The fans love you 2” So they’re on the road x6 months! After the tour, Alex has “permisson” to return to Take3, who is shelved during this time. He‘s an a****** 😁

Maurice, for Carlotta and Jahil vie for a spot on the Noah tour. Floyd wants to have a sing off. The winner rides #battle
Derek is in P T.  Thinking about Alex and just lying there 💔 The therapist quits. 
Floyd “hires” Jahil to get the 411 on Don Talbot, the man Ayanna betrayed him for.  #industrial #espionage AA has the opening if he’s successful. 
“I didn’t do it ” is a good song. I like it.  It’s my first time! 👊 And the girls are good. Something cbanged. Rehearsing.
Angel approaches Simone. They walk, talk, get married! What?!  She doesn’t have to go back to foster care now! 😍  They’re cute. Love comes later.

Omari shows up while cotton is emptying the trash. He convinced her to come with him.  No one will get hurt. #mamathreat She agreed.
Star is back on night walks and meets a cutie at the club. He plays, she sings, her mama’s song. Then she throws up, after a flashback of a stabbing. What?!
Jahil is in a bar. He approaches a woman with problems. She’s married. He buys her a drink. She leaves…and her room key’s on the counter. Don Talbot’s wife

Jackson the cutie from the bar (Mattbew Noszka) comes to see Star.  He wants Star to sing with his band. #nope
“The Midtown Men” tour is on. Alex is going & the girls are shelved for 6 months. Time to split up. 😔
The Brown women want to kill Omari. No other way. He’s a “do over” for another incarnation. #lifetime  #loser 
Main Ingredient’s “Everybody plays the fool ”  Loved Cuba Gooding, Sr. #RIP …enter Ayanna to talk with Carlotta over drinks. #paybacktime 

In a girl moment, Carlitta & Ayanna give Jahil props on his “night moves”  “Real good for a coke head” 👌😆 #sex
Noah is sniffing Alex.  She warns him. She’ going back with her girls when this ends. Back off. I liked him better with Star 
Ayanna goes to daddy with blackmail. He grabbed a lot of ass in the past and the major sponsor is one. #metoo And just like that, Take3 is back on tour.

And that song that goes on & on & on in Star’s head is not a dream, it is a memory. Carlotta confirms it was playing, in a loop, when her mother died. Star was in the room when it happened. She didn’t talk for 2 weeks, tbereafter. Do you remember? 
Carlotta sings with her mama & sister, in church. Their voices are beautiful, powerful, perfect. I don’t  like the song.  They’e leaving tomorrow. I’ll miss them. Hope they’re recurring.  

They’re singing “Oh Lord” 🙏 Cutawy to Derek. He stands up and walks. Angelo and Simone are in the chapel turning to say “I do” Husband and Wife #kiss  Aforementioned 
And then there’s Omari. Cotton comes out to meet him, as promised.  A bag is put over his head to kill him. Cotton lets him live,  if he’ll go away.  #mistake

In Carlotta’s backyard, Jahil is eating and watching the news. #RV A woman that looks like Arlene, ( Nealla Gordon) vows to find the people responsible for her sister’s death. Knock knock,  it’s Brody,  another #elderfine “We got a problem ”  
This season may be worth the eye strain! 👀👓

Star airs on Fox, Wednesdays @ 9:00 p.m Pacific Time