UnREAL (S03E06) “Transference”

This week was both thrilling and heart breaking. We are sharply reminded that Quinn is willing to push anything for the right shot, regardless of whom it sacrifices. It was a little hard to watch her work her magic this time, as at least for me, it was dirty to try and manipulate someone sexuality against their preference. Yes, she has done a lot of very under handed things, but with this it felt like ones sexuality didn’t matter unless it was what felt someone else’s narrative. Perhaps it was just a touch too close to home, as I feel many people have to deal with similar situations across the world. It also implied that if the price is right ones sexual identity could be bought. I guess that is what we signed up for though, as this is one of those shows whom shies away from nothing.

We got a chance to get to know Guy a little bit better this episode, and of course my favourite, Warren. I was very sad to see them be cut, but I did relish every moment we got with them. Is it bad that I kind of want a cooky spin-off featuring them in Vegas at Guy’s fancy new restaurant? Perhaps Warren could go out to help him set up or something and he finds a nice lady to fall in love with. Perhaps even previous season’s cast could show up!

On the other side of things, Rachel is doing the best she can with her father. Keeping him on set with may have seemed great in theory, but when applied to the real world it doesn’t quite work. She isn’t able to watch him closely, which leads him to wandering off a few times. First he walks in on Serena having a shower, then eventually confronting Quinn in front of the cast and crew. You do have to give it to him, he loves his daughter more than anything. The way Rachel handles the whole situation is truly a testament to how much she has grown. Sure, she may be a little bit rocky, but in the end she only wants to do what’s best for him. Heartbreakingly this means sacrificing the home she had been envisioning and working so hard towards, instead choosing to use her down payment to admit her father for psychiatric care. Rachel knows that her mother is waiting in the wings to get her claws back into him, so in the end she knows that a hospital is the safest place.

Jay’s arc is finally reaching its climax as his world comes crashing down. Xavier comes to visit him on set once again, but this time Alexi lets it slip that Xavier wasn’t going to be the host of their new dance show. This leads to a fight between the couple as the perpetrator glides away, leaving a broken relationship in his wake. It’s hard to feel bad for Jay, as he certainly brought this on for himself, but poor Xavier was an innocent who got caught in the crossfire. By all accounts he was a spectacular partner to Jay; he was supportive, loving, and seemed to put his partner above all else. He had even moved his life to LA for love. Though all of this could be a blessing in disguise, as fame is not all it’s cracked up to be. We see that even the potential of fame gets to Jay when he turns to Alexi and his cocaine. I am predicting that this is not going to end well at all.

With only 4 more episodes left we can be sure that we haven’t even seen the craziest stuff that the season has in store for us. I certainly can’t wait to see how the rest of the drama plays out!