Criminal Minds (S13E19) “Ex Parte”

Don’t mess with the Simmon’s

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Bookend quotes:

Emily Prentiss: “Violence is not a catalyst but a diversion.” – Joseph Conrad
Matt Simmons: It is Proverbs that reminds us, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

The episode 19 is called Ex Parte and it focuses strongly in the new guys, that is if you think of Tara, Matt and Luke as the new guys and Rossi, though the spotlight is for Matt Simmons. The result is a solid episode with some weak spots.

It starts with the bad guys doing their thing, which in this case is to attack two men working for a security company. This allows the bad guys to get their badge and their uniform, and after that they kill them, or at least that is what they want the audience to believe. It’s a dark scene, fast and cold, and it contrast with the next scene. The sun was shinning in through the window, the room is warm and cozy, and it’s the scenario for an idyllic scene between Matt and Kristy, and that is how I knew things would go very wrong. Kristy wants Matt to change his old style mobile for a new generation mobile, with cam and all those things that apparently Matt can live without. Good for him, although I admit I was Kristy team here, I can’t even remember how it was to live without a smartphone. Matt wins this battle, but as soon as Kristy packed away that phone in her bag I knew it would play a big role in whatever would happen in this episode.

And what happens next is that the bad guys attack precisely Kristy’s office. Matt’s face when he finds out was so full of desperation, and also disbelief, they were ready for situation like this, but they were expecting it to be the other way around
The team split, as usual, Tara, Luke and JJ go to Kristy’s office -the Office of the American Legal  Defense Council- the ALDC, and the rest of the team stays in the bureau.

The bad guys are organized and brilliant, they have bricks of C-4 wired to all doors that could go off if the S.W.A.T team tries to open one door, but also at any moment as the bad guys have a detonator, also they have annulled the cams and first thing they do is to get all the electronic devices from the hostages and that is when Kristy’s cleverness shows up. She manages to hide Matt’s phone and wireless earbud, and ultimately that is what will save the day. Kristy is able to communicate with the BAU, and even though they already know the bad guys are members or a white-supremacist group, it is Kristy’s little trick what allows them to identify the three kidnappers. Of course, this wouldn’t be Criminal Minds without a tense ending, and from the moment Kristy’s become a hostage we knew she would be the hero, but she would also be in danger, I mean more than the rest.

When the leader of the Horsemen found out the phone and took Kristy and the phone out I really thought we would have a repeat of Hailey’s death, thanks god for Tara, who told Kristy what to say to get under Josh’s skin and get him into troubles with his band. In the end, Matt shows up in the office and ends with the band, just a couple of minutes before the SWAT showed up.

Positive Points

Matt Simmons: Matt is always a solid character and Danny Philip Henney is a quite good actor, and Kristy is perfect for him. What I found really interesting is the contrast with the Hagland family, the villains. The Simmons are light whereas the Hagland are darkness. Matt would do anything for his family, he runs and confront three armed guys by himself just to save his wife, he worries about what would happen with his kids if something happens to him or Kristy. On the other hand Leonard Hagland only cares about Leonard Hagland.

Tara:  I love Tara. I love all the women in this show, but I think that Tara is underrated, so I want to take my time with her. In this episode she is one of the heroes, and I love that most of the time she does so thanks to her intelligence, wit, and empathy.

Rossi: it’s always fun to see a white supremacist being treated with such disdain. Rossi had no time for pleasantries, he doesn’t allow Hagland to rant about anything and just takes charge

Negative Points

The Villains: from the point that Josh shows up and smiles like a typical Disney Villain I knew he was the bad guy. I wasn’t impressed by him, perhaps it was the acting. I mentioned Hailey above because when Josh took Kristy’s it reminds me of Hailey and Foyet, and well, let’s just say that the comparison is not good for Josh, not at all. And his father wasn’t much better. Rossi has had some memorable interrogations, but this one wasn’t one of them. It’s always funny to see a white supremacist being dragged, but it would have been funnier if he had been a more compelling villain.

The lack of Spencer Reid: here is the thing, Spencer Reid is my favorite character of the show, he is actually one of my favorite characters period, and I miss him, no to mention that after everything that happened to him last season I would have liked to see more about the consequences. He is different, colder and bolder, but the show doesn’t dwell on it and I get the feeling that we are missing something vital. Am I the only one that feels this way?

In fact, my bigger complains about this season are these two aspects, the lack of a charismatic villain and the lack of Spencer Reid, I hope it gets better

Every week I’ll choose the Hero/Heroine of the Day, the character that for me had the best story line, saved the day, had the best lines, you name it… This week it is hard to choose

Candidates: Tara, Matt and Kristy
Hero of the Day: Matt Simmons
Rating: 8