Petition: Life Sentence [Renew Campaign]

Renew Life Sentence Campaign

This campaign is made for every Life Sentence fans all over the world to share their love and their want to see the show renewed by The CW. In less than a week, the petition we put into motion has already collected almost 800 signatures and has been noticed by the website Hidden Remote. The petition is not only about signing it but also giving the show more exposure on social media by encouraging people to tweet with the hashtags #RenewLifeSentence but also #WatchLifeSentence (to ask people who live in America to tune in live as the show still needs those live ratings) and #RenewforS2theCW . We have caught the attention of Lucy Hale and Richard Keith (creator of the show) and other cast members. We hope that the CW sees how devoted the fans are and that there is an international demand for it!

And of course the show will hit netflixs worldwide in june! The audience would build even more, giving higher numbers and streaming for a season two! We basically feel the show deserves longer to grow!

Click here to sign the petition.