“The Big Bang Theory” (S11E18) “The Gates Excitation”

missmayimbialik leonard and bill gates apr 6 18 - “The Big Bang Theory” (S11E18) "The Gates Excitation"                                                  EDIT:@missmayimbialik

We have a very famous guest star this week. It’s none other than Bill Gates starring as himself.

He appears for a very brief period in the show. It’s like Batman shinning his light over Gotham city! As fast as he appeared Bill Gates was gone. It was a great cameo non-the-less.

It was Penny (Kaley Cuoco) who announced that her Pharmaceutical company was hosting a benefit that Bill Gates would be attending. All the guys were trying to find a way in. Everyone except Sheldon (Jim Parsons). He thought Penny was playing an “April’s Fool Joke” on him. Sheldon is by far the smartest of the bunch. He is way to brilliant to fall for this prank. He would not be pun ’ked!

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) on the other hand, tries to play the husband card! He gives Penny a guilt trip. Sorry, bud, it’s not working. Penny really wants to try to get a position in Bill Gates company, Microsoft. We don’t see how the entirety of this plays out now. It could be in the cards for Penny down the road…

I found it extremely funny that Leonard admits to Penny, that Bill Gates never made fun of him… Why you ask? He once met him at a seminar with his mother at Princeton, where he admits he “cried in front of him.” (I chuckle with laughter.) We can assume when you meet a man of such stature and greatness, tears need to be shed.

The following day, we see Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) try to gang up on Penny. She became very irritated with them. Penny shows Leonard her very jammed packed schedule. Goodbyes are said to her husband with a kiss. Then she walks out that door.

Can you believe this? Leonard signals to guys. I saw the Batman light beacon. He tells them that he saw the hotel – where Bill Gates is staying! It’s Leonard and his boys seeking out Bill Gates this time…

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