Will & Grace (S09E16) "It’s a Family Affair"

After a surprising comeback, we have reached the season finale of this renewed series. There were some questionable moments in earlier episodes, but as the season passed by it felt as though viewers were welcoming old friends back into their living rooms every week.

Martin (Robert Klein) has clearly overstayed his welcome, but due to the delicate nature of past events Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) have been doing their best to put up with his presence. After all it was Will who got them into the situation in the first place. Wanting a little revenge, Grace extends an invitation to Will’s mother Marilyn (Blythe Danner) to come for a visit. Let the hilarity ensue.

It hasn’t taken Jack (Sean Hayes) long to get over his “one true love”. Feeling sorry for himself and needing a break away from everything, he finds his way to Ibiza and meets the man of his dreams, Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez). It may seem like a whirlwind romance, but with Jack this comes as no surprise. Even though his heart was broken, it’s nice to see that he is still open to happiness.

As best friends, Will and Grace will always be there for each other, but there is still something missing in their lives. They are constantly reminded of this downfall from their loved ones and friends. No one wants to end up like Will and Grace, but to me it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. There are other ways to feel fulfilled in life, you don’t necessarily need to settle down to live a great life. This show has strived to stop those preconceived notions, but times change.

At last Karen (Megan Mullally) comes to her senses. In good conscious (she has a concious?!), she actually makes a good decision. Instead of going with her loins, she decides to go with her heart. Stan will always be her home, no matter the other pleasures Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) brings to her, and nothing will ever take that away. I feel like she has grown so well as a character, and has a good heart under her drunken mess of an exterior.

I think we all saw it coming when Marilyn and Martin clicked so well. It was only a matter of time before they consummated their new-found connection, complete with scarring their children for life. That’s not something Will and Grace can just unsee. But their respective parents deserve a bit of happiness, they have both lost so much. Things escalate quickly in this episode, and it all takes quite a surprising turn.

Not only have Martin and Marilyn decided to marry each other, so has Jack and his new love, Stephen. It is quite the twist. With so many things happening so quickly, Will and Grace need to make a change. It will be interesting to see where the next season takes us.

This was the season finale of Will & Grace. It has been renewed and you can expect new episodes when it returns in the Fall! 

Photo: Screen capture taken by author of review.