Chicago Fire (S06E17) "Put White On Me"


This episode was a hell of a ride. I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. Let’s get this review started, shall we?

So, Odis going through rehab. He really looks broken, I truly pity him. He just wants to drive truck 81 again. Being a part of firehouse 51, is what he loves.

It’s hard not being able to do, what you love. But he has the full support of his friends. Chief Bowden is worried about Odis. Even asking him to come over to firehouse 51, as a favor to him.

The call they had, at the swimming pool. It scared the hell out of me. I really thought that he was going to get electrocuted. I’m glad he didn’t.

Stella saving the day as usual. She’s really one of my favorite girl’s on this show. Especialy her relationship with Severide. Well, if you can call that complicated thing a relationship.

Kelly’s mum appearing out of thin air. I don’t why, but I really don’t trust her. She gives me bad vibes. I’m with Kidd, on this. His mum is weird, and at the end she’s back with her ex!?

There’s some weird things going on. Like how did she and Kelly’s dad get back together..if they haven’t seen each other for a long time? I smell betrayal, people.

Cordova trying to work his way, into the inner circle. Boy, just do your job. I’m not sure they will ever accept you, for who you are. Beside acknowledging, for being a great firefighter.

Off course there is always drama at firehouse 51. They saved a kid at a swimming pool earlier. Odis made sure the kid went back home, with his father.

Afterwards came his mum, who accused them for not doing their work. Poor Odis.. The women was going to share this story with the news. But the CFD decided to write her a check.

Meanwhile Bryan went to apologize again. The women heard him out, and shut the door in his face. When Odis saw the sticker on the car. He knew they were scammers.

What people wouldn’t do for money. I can’t believe his world sometimes. It’s ridiculous. Odis took a picture of them, and the scammers got nothing.

Brett and Dawson met those SAS people. They work for a private firm, who works with ambulanciers. Gabby was thinking about getting the job.

After a friend of Cordova, let it slip that he used to sleep with a bartender at Molly’s. The terrified look on Gabby and Matt’s faces. Oh god..These two need a break.

Things got well at the end. They hugged it out, and said that they loved each other. Gabby said that she would never, hold anything hidden from Matt again.

She just doesn’t want anything separating them. Matt grabbing her wrist, was so cute. I love their chemistry. They’re Firehouse 51’s, power couple.

All in all this episode was fire.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

See you all, in the next episode.
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