Siren (S01E03) "Interview With A Mermaid"

In this weeks episode of Siren we dive more into the characters of the show and learn more about their pasts.

The episode begins with Sherif Bishop investigating the crime scene more in depth where Ryn murdered the civilian who definitely had it coming. This could only lead to more trouble down the road for not only Ryn and the rest of the mermaids in Bristol Cove but the humans who may cross their path. Bishop explains that he used to the occasional low-key crime that occurs in Bristol Cove but now with the disappearance of a fisherman and the murder in the woods something unnatural is going on in their small town.

Maddie and Ben spend the day interviewing Ryn trying to get as much information out of her as possible. Ryn reveals that there are many other mermaids out in sea as well as how intelligent and strong there kind are. Ryn and Ben share quite a moment while Maddie sits back and lets it happen. Why was Maddie okay with it, by the looks of Ben’s facial expression you can infer that a romance may bud in the future and put Ben at a fork in the road when it comes to his families crazy past in Bristol Cove.

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We meet Jerry, a fellow co-worker of Ben and Maddie’s and Ryn is absolutely intrigued by him. Jerry is perverted yet witty and when he disappears off with Ryn you know something good is going to come from it. Jerry throws a party at a motel he manages on the weekend and we get to see Ryn interact more with humans in a more casual setting.

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At the party, Ben’s brother Doug reaches out to him after speaking to his father about getting Ben more involved with the family business. At the party, Ryn gets pushed into a pool and surprisingly does not turn into a mermaid because of the lack of salt water. The police bust the party and Sherif Bishop approaches Ben with a police sketch of Ryn now putting her in more danger than ever now that she is the prime suspect for the murder case.

Meanwhile Xander and Calvin are on the hunt to find Chris after they received a cryptic text from a phone number leading back to a woman called “Donna”. Xander and Calvin still do not know much about Ryn since there main focus is finding Chris. At the lab where Ryn’s sister is being tested on we learn that the mermaid DNA helped cure a paralyzed rat and much more. They follow her to the military facility and get chased away at the door.

When Maddie and Ryn get back to her place they have a heart to heart about trust and love. The more we see Ryn learning how to communicate with Ben and Maddie the easier it is for viewers to relate to her. Ryn and Maddie also share an intimate moment as she did with Ben earlier in the episode. Only more questions form by the end of this episode.

What can next weeks episode of Siren bring to shore? We can only find out next Thursday on Freeform 8/7c.