Strike Back (S06E10) "Episode 10"

**spoilers ahead***

It’s been a heck of a season y’all, and last night’s season finale was the perfect note to go out on. Our team went through hell, made it out the other side AND we had *TheBoys* back!! A perfect finale. Now onto the wait for next season!

So first I need to get something off my chest. We had 2 pretty glaring errors that were driving me crazy. First off, after our boys are running through the streets, they jump in the water and swim to a boat. But when we cut to them IN the boat – their shirts look like this:

sbe10 wyatt grinning - Strike Back (S06E10) "Episode 10"

That’s remarkably dry for someone who just took a swim. That’s a pretty huge oversight, and frankly – where’s my wet t-shirt contest?

We get another similar issue halfway through the episode. The whole team has had an epic fight, rain pouring down – but when Wyatt (Dan MacPherson) and Novin (Alin Sumarwata) emerge from inside a mausoleum – everyone and everything is dry. Even the ground. Check out the pics below of the before/after for Mac (Warren Brown):

A pretty amazing difference for what appears to be about 15 minutes of time. Even the ground is dry! I’m a little amazed. Every show has little inconsistencies and there have been a few here and there this season, but these just really jumped out at me. You certainly don’t have to be a critic to catch these.

Ok. Moving on. Other than these “wet/dry” issues, the finale was great. It was awesome to see Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) back in action – those two are just so fantastic. They really riffed off the new team well, the new “kids” giving them shit was so fun to watch. Even if my hackles rose just a little bit when Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) and Novin shrugged them off as jokers. Those boys have been through hell and back for us!

Ives (Trevor Eve) gets taken out pretty quickly by some Russians who Idrisi (Don Hany) had contacted. Thank you. That guy was terrible and one dimensional. Which is insane because Lowry (Katherine Kelly) and Idrisi were fleshed out and real, making Ives seem even worse. After Ives is disposed of, the Russians head for the island where the Atlas is located.

After a boat chase, obligatory explosion (every vehicle on Strike Back meets its fate) and a brief swim, the boys end up walking out of the ocean, oh so casually, onto a beach. They get in contact with Reynolds and Novin, who’ve just left Stonebridge and Scott occupying Ives’ mercenaries. The team heads to the same island as the Russians, hoping to retrieve the Atlas first. Here is where we get our rain and a brutal fight between Mac and Idrisi – Mac wins! Idrisi dies! Woo! Except, then the Russians beat Novin and Wyatt to the Atlas. Wyatt attempts a diversion so that Novin can grab the Atlas, but unfortunately, our HUGE Russian non-friend takes Novin down. Novin is amazing and such a damn smartass but just doesn’t have the size to take on this guy.

I do want to highlight the “conversation” Mac had with Idrisi, I thought it was beautifully written and perfectly delivered by Brown. Mac, after being hit in the head by Idrisi (I literally screamed “No!” – Mac *might* be my fav), is beating Idrisi to a pulp and screaming, “I never wanted this. I had my team. My brothers. You took that from me!…You’re not changing the world! You’re just putting fucking holes in it!” Brown was masterful in this scene, shivering and desperate, just done with everything. Plus to be honest I could listen to Brown say “fucking” in his accent pretty much all day, every day. Ok enough.

After regrouping with Stonebridge and Scott, our team comes up with a plan. They decide to steal the Russian’s intelligence information and then bargain with it to get the Atlas back. Only slightly complicated. Stonebridge agrees to take down the local power grid with Scott to help the team gain access to the Russian data farm. TheBoys are so classic S&S – the chemistry between Philip and Sully is just near unbeatable. Them attempting to beat the shit out of the grid before finally shooting it was truly cracking me up. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of them on the show.

After sneaking into the Russian data farm, and breaking into the unbreakable room, the team sets off a self-destruct mechanism that can only be stopped by someone literally standing there with their hand on the computer. Who discovers this? Our poor Wyatt. Who, breaking our hearts, sends Mac, Novin, and Reynolds away with the intelligence, telling them that the mission always comes first. Until he realizes he’s being an idiot and yells out, “What the fuck am I thinking! I don’t want to die!” With the clock ticking down he starts to dig (which – WTH?) and then KABOOM. Mac and Wyatt both killed me here. Considering the shit they give each other, in a very short time these two have become brothers. Mac was not prepared to lose another teammate.

After the explosion, we’re left wondering what happened to Wyatt for a few minutes of torture. Mac, Novin, and Reynolds meet up with Russian intelligence to trade the hard drive they’d stolen for the Atlas. When the Russians try to double-cross them – boom! A truck explodes and Wyatt is revealed in a sniper’s position. Thank goodness he lived for season 7! 🙂 The team makes their escape in probably the coolest team exit ever, Novin smirking like a madwoman and the rest shooting from the rear of the truck. A perfect ending. Bravo.

Favorite Moments:

*Mac squaring up to Stonebridge when Mikey made a joke about turning the current team in for a bounty. Warren Brown is so much shorter that it almost looked funny, but in truth, considering he’s a 2 time World Champion Muay Thai fighter, I think we all know who’d win!

*Wyatt asking the team, “Everybody is cool if we die for this thing?” before heading out to try and find the Atlas. Novin’s response was perfect, “A bad boss doesn’t mean a bad job. Will said it was worth it.” This team, even after the hell they’ve been through, is still about doing the right thing.

*After Stonebridge has been fighting off a couple of guys, Scott just walks up and says, “Mikey, stop fucking around” I love those two.

*The speedboat chase with Mac and Wyatt was so much fun to watch. I mean, everyone has terrible aim on a moving, bouncing boat – but it makes for incredible shots!
*Novin fighting off the HUGE Russian in the mausoleum – she’s so tiny and sure gave it her all, and I love how she’s just so damn casual about it all the time.

*Wyatt calling Novin “Short Stuff”, and her simple reply of “Short stuff eh. That really isn’t a fucking thing.” After Wyatt calling Mac “Big Mac” last week with a similar reply I’m loving all the nicknames.

novin smirk exit - Strike Back (S06E10) "Episode 10"
team badass exit - Strike Back (S06E10) "Episode 10"

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