The Big Bang Theory (S11E19) “The Tenant Disassociation”

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All the discourse starts over a food truck. Friends become frenemies… For now, at least…  You see Friday nights are reserved for Chinese dinners. They are not to steer off course. So why the pastrami? (Or as Penny thinks Pastramy. I laugh and laugh.) You see Sheldon (Nathan Parsons) is head of the tenant association for their building. Funny thing is, the gang is not aware of this? They have overlooked it? That sounds more like what is happening here.

There is only one real difference in tonight’s episode. Raj (Kunal Nayyar) is sporting an afro-centric hair do. Otherwise, there have been no rigid changes in the schedules of this bunch… It’s as if Sheldon (Nathan Parsons) has everyone on a strict eating regime. They follow the same schedule every week. No exceptions!

Naturally, this episode is named “Tenants Disassociation” for good reason. As head of the tenant association, Sheldon is writing a robust letter. They can’t have the food truck! That will be the end of this. They should not underestimate the powers of his pen…

There are a few things I’d like to bring to light though. Sheldon is the only member of the tenant association. Therefore, he nominated and made himself president. This is the same man who filed complaints against Penny. She left her clothes in the dryer too long? Leonard, (Jonathan Galecki) he sang “Happy Birthday” way too loud. What gives, man?

With great power comes great consequence. Sheldon must realize they will all turn against him. Perhaps planning a coup? (Overthrowing him to regain power.) It is only a matter of time. They have an emergency meeting in a neutral spot. The only thing is: Will Amy (Kaley Cucoco) agree to this? Will she choose her best friend or her boyfriend? Oh, the drama… Never. Stops.
A little while later, Sheldon makes a deal with Amy. He agrees to let her in on a “shower meeting” next time he has one. In return she votes for him. The next thing we know. It is a tie. Just as luck would have it or maybe not? Amy feels bad about everything. She runs across the hall to visit Leonard and Penny. (Mayim Bialik) It is a stroke of lady luck or fate indeed. They find out it’s only Amy’s name on the lease. Sheldon is not a tenant!

There are a few superhero phrases tossed back and forth. Leonard is the winner today. Sheldon will critique every move that Leonard makes. As far as he is concerned, he will be against everything. Team Sheldon. I love their back and fourths. This will be fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Raj and Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) are hanging out in the hot tub. They spot a drone that crashed in the yard. Howard fixes it up. He shows Raj a picture of the girl on it. In which, we see Raj is immediately in love with her. (SURPRISE!) He runs back to the store to find this girl’s address out to return the drone. You want to hear the funniest part? She was watching them talk about her. The footage of them chilling in the hot tub together. We see Raj telling Howard that he can’t wait to start making babies with his mystery girl. Whose name was Cynthia.

Random Notes of Laughter:

  • “I’m sorry, Sheldon, but with minimal power comes minimal responsibility,” Amy says. “And you couldn’t handle it!” (I chuckle and snort.)
  • Penny thinks “Pastrami” is spelled with a “y”?

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