Imposters (S02E01) “Fillion Dollar King”

Moving forward is always hard. Especially if the past is what brings you pain. But sometimes is the past where we can find some refuge or we must return to so we can move forward.

Imposters is back with its season two and the new episode is all about the way they were. Last season ended with a ring that was stolen, and the squad of the lonesome three – those that wanted to take they life back – is now on the path of living a life that isn’t them quite yet.

It is the task of Ezra, Richard and Jules to sell this ring and for that, they go to Richard’s town. But once a household name, Richard must face the reality of the consequence of marrying Maddie.

If season one was facing the heartbreak season two appears to about reinvention. But for now, it’s off to a slow start. What caught me from the pilot episode was that rhythm of a possible explosion about to happen at any moment. That feeling isn’t yet in the series. But it is the first episode of a new season that must continue to climb over the shoulders of a fun ride that was season one.

If one thing was worth the wait was seeing Ezra high. Now let’s hope the mouse and cat chase begins.