Interview with Laura and Sarah Bellini

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

Red Tank Top: Sarah Bellini
Grey 2 Piece: Laura Bellini
Together: Sarah & Laura

How did you get started acting?

Sarah Bellini: Laura and I always had a passion for performing arts. We started acting and dancing at a very young age. At the age of 10 we started working professionally as actresses. When we were 9 years old our mom took us to acting school. The day we arrived, they were having a performing arts contest at the school. We both entered and won the contest. Our price was being accepted into their talent agency. Shortly after, we got our first audition for a lead in a TV feature film and we both booked it because the director couldn’t decide between the two of us. Since day one on set we knew this was what we wanted to do.

Laura Bellini: I always loved doing musicals and theater in school and when I was 9 years old our mom took us to acting school. The day we arrived, they were having a performing arts contest. We both entered and won the contest. Our prize was being accepted into a talent agency. Shortly after, we got our first audition for the lead in a TV feature film and we both booked it because the director couldn’t decide between the two of us. Since the first day on set we knew this was what we wanted to do.

Do you always work together?

Sarah Bellini: No we don’t. We started out working together a lot by sharing lead parts in TV and Film but eventually ended up working individually on projects. Once in a while it is super fun working together with my sister though. We push and motivate each other immensely.

Laura Bellini: No, but we started working together and always enjoy working together. It is so nice to have each other on set, we give each other so much and we are each others’ biggest critic and supporter. But, we do enjoy working on our individual projects as well.

How did you get cast on “Trust?”  What’s the casting process like?

Sarah Bellini: We got our first Audition for “Trust” via Germany as a self-tape audition. The callback happened in Los Angeles, where we’re located for over 3.5 years now. The whole casting process was super exciting and felt surreal!

Laura Bellini: We had to audition via self-tape early last year and then we had the callback for “Trust” later in the spring in LA. We got the parts a few weeks before flying out to London for rehearsing!

What do you like most about acting?  The least?

Sarah Bellini: I love telling meaningful stories and effecting people in a positive way. Breaking down a character and finding love and truth in a role, even ones that seem the most controversial or different from me. I learn so much as a person, about life and humanity. The least would probably be that it can be emotionally very energy draining. But that’s part of it and I still love it! 🙂

Laura Bellini: I love the impact a great performance can have on people’s lives. How it makes them feel. Great performances deeply touch, inspire, and empower me. It makes us feel alive. To me it is so beautiful as storytellers to remind people of important stories and relevant topics and I think we as storytellers have the responsibility to do so. I also love how acting makes me feel. The feeling is indescribable when I am truly connected to a character.  As for what I like least about acting, I just think it can be very emotionally and physically draining so you have to know how to recover, but other than that I love everything about it. It’s the best!

Where you intimidated by any of your cast mates when you started Trust?

Sarah Bellini: The cast and crew of “Trust” is wonderful. So many incredibly talented and hard working people. I remember feeling intimidated a few times. Working with Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy, Brendan Fraser and Hillary Swank was a dream come true but also very intimidating at first, yes!

Laura Bellini: Of course I was! Working with all of these enormously talented actors was a dream come true. But more than intimidated I felt challenged which I think is necessary to grow as an artist.

What can we expect from “Trust?”

Sarah Bellini: “Trust” is set in Rome 1973. It is the story of the Kidnapping of John Paul Getty the third (Grandson of Paul Getty and therefore heir to the Getty Oil Fortune). It’s a tragic saga, a family history but also a story that shows what terrifying corrosive power money has. “Trust” is inspired by true events which makes it even more captivating!

Laura Bellini: Everyone can expect an amazing ensemble and crew who created a unique looking show with incredible costumes, stunning locations and great performances. Be prepared for a powerful and deeply compelling storyline!

Who’s someone you’d like to work with?

Sarah Bellini: I would love to work with Directors David O. Russel, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Stephen Daldry! Wonderful inspiring filmmakers to me! Actors that I would love to work with are Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman or Daniel Day Lewis!

Laura Bellini: I’d love to work with Kevin Costner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Brühl, Rachel McAdams and filmmakers like Baz Luhrmann, Stephen Daldry, David O’ Russel and Fatih Akin.

What would be your dream job?

Sarah Bellini: Acting!!!

Laura Bellini: I am living my dream job!

Did you always want to act?

Sarah Bellini: YES and dance! 🙂

Laura Bellini: Yes, but as a child I couldn’t decide between acting and dancing but ever since I started going to acting school and working in film and television, I knew this was what I am meant to do.

What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?

Sarah Bellini: I honestly don’t know because I never had a plan B! Probably something with languages, art and travel!

Laura Bellini: I’d definitely be a dancer. Or something else creative.

What’s something about you that would surprise fans?

Sarah Bellini: There was a time in my life where I wanted to become a professional tennis player!

Laura Bellini:  I am addicted to chocolate!


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