Killing Eve premieres

Eve Polastri, a deskbound agent for Britain’s MI5 who has a nice but bland life with her kind husband, becomes convinced that a string of murders that her bosses think are unrelated are actually the work of a skilled assassin who gets creative with her assignments.

Suddenly finds herself upgraded to foreign intelligence operative at MI6 — against a seemingly unstoppable assassin code-named Villanelle. Finally, Eve’s getting to do some real detective work.

Eve and Villanelle are both hard-working, ambitious, slightly obsessive women But Villanelle also happens to be an attention-seeking psychopath who likes to put on a show when she kills the latest mob boss or politician.
The series revolves around a psychopathic assassin who can smile winsomely right before she drives a hairpin dagger into a man’s throat and the woman charged with hunting her down.

Sundays on BBC America.