A.P. Bio (S01E09) "Rosemary’s Boyfriend"

When Jack gets a knocked at his door, he didn’t expect to see who would be standing there. While the students are facing the life of taking care of babies that aren’t like any other babies. Here’s a recap!

Just as Jack starts his morning off, he gets a knock at the door with a surprise to him: his mother’s boyfriend. Brandon comes along with gifts of flowers and condoms and hoped that his mother would be there but sadly he didn’t get the memo of her death. All of this pisses off Jack and even to make things worst for him, Brandon ask if they could both be at her grave and have a good cry moment.

Jack takes his issues to his students, who are dealing with their own crisis with being parents with loud artificial babies. Trying to get some ideas from them, he separates them in two groups just to get the noise down. But Sarika found Brandon’s daughter, Sadie, who’s a lawyer, and Jack visits her to talk about her dad but soon have sex.

The next day, Jack brags about his one night with Sadie and tries to use it on Brandon, hoping that would piss him off. But it doesn’t and it just grows him closer and nicer, for which Jack tries to sucker punch him but fails and gets taken down.
The following day, Jack comes back to class and talking to the students what had happen. He suddenly snapped and took every baby in the school and had them go for a swim. For which got those babies quiet and made him think that Brandon wasn’t such a bad person.

Meanwhile, Stef gets asked out by the jantior, who she turns him down and tells him that her friend Mary has a crush on him. He confronts her about it and turns her down, but she wasn’t going to take it and tries to get him to fall for her but instead gets the other janitor to fall in love with her. She then turns the tables on him about how her friend Stef has a crush on him.
“Rosemary’s Boyfriend” was a much better episode then last week. It had good humor and wit not to mention good character development. I couldn’t get enough of watching how Jack deals with his students dealing with their artificial babies. Michael Gross was very good, not Emmy award worthy but still good. All in all, I give this episode a 8/10.

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