Champions (S01E04) "My Fair Uncle"

Just as questions are being asked about how Vince and Matthew are taking care of Michael, until an unexpected guest makes his a visit.

Questioning how Vince takes care of Michael, the school has him and Matthew read Michael’s paper about his daily morning that describes his father gets to sleep with a ton of women. Matthew tries to get Vince to hold off on dating for awhile, but when an attractive woman comes up to Vince about wanting to go out with him, he turns her down.

But that would change when Michael’s uncle makes a visit and asked to hang out with him and take him around New York. At first it didn’t seem right to see how an uncle treats his son better than he can but when Vince gets a message from that girl earlier, he accepts the offer.

Just as Michael is having a great time with his uncle, Matthew jealous calls Priya about it and learns that her brother is a user of drugs. He stops Vince and the get going to get Michael back just in time as Michael was asked to pee in a cup for his uncle.
Later on Vince apologies to Michael about the way that he has been around him since living with him and Matthew and will hold off dating for a while. But at the end when Dana comes in with the new plunger, there were something between them that could spell out romance.

“My Fair Uncle” was another strong episode that had good character development and down right hilarious moments. So much mentioning of the Broadway show Mean Girls, for which if Tina Fey sings at the end: I want to go to there and see. I really thought this was such a good episode and performance for Andy Favreau as Matthew. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
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