Family Guy (S16E15) "The Woof of Wall Street"

Ever wonder where Stewie gets his money to buy all of those wonderful toys, fancy costumes and build those fantastic machines? Well he invests in the stock market!  He follows trends. “How” is another episode. #stockkmarketgenius 
In miscellaneous news: The European Union is in collapse. And people making under 40k per year like UFC boxing. 
Of course, Meg’s only appearance is a ballet recital and no body came or cared.

Stephen Baldwin is not a bloated alcoholic and his mom scolds him for it. But 2/4 ain’t bad. You choose. #thebaldwins  #sethcarpet 
Brian runs into Consuelo, the recurring housekeeper. It’s bumper on bumper cars, as he hits her! Yet he refers to “those people”  and is allowed to say racist things because of traffic. He leaves the scene #noinsurance

Stewie convinces Brian to invest in stocks in exchange for Gymkata lessons. He’ll teach him and he can fix his car #noinsurance 
On the other side of town, Jerome’s mom has a stroke and the boys decide to run The Druken Calm for him in his absence. His mon’s  picture’s on the wall, although I’ve never seen it before. But…I never looked either.  It’s significant to the plot. Jerome agrees. The boys are elated. They get to play, barkeep!

Joe makes rum & coke for everybody, regardless of the order Quagmire’s Trivia Game night is a success. #trivianight He also deep breathes when stressed! 🙏 I never knew! 

All is well til Peter decides to bring  a real  🐃 Bull into the club, instead of a mechanical one . His name is Edgar.
Hating the only  song on the jukebox, “Love is a Highway” Edgar is “a bull in a china shop”  He destroys the club, everything;  including Jerome’ s mama picture #rutroh

Jerome calls as the Bull runs down the street, destruction complete. His mama is dead and he’ll be home tomorrow. He’s grateftul he has her picture! The boys cxpect & prepare for an ass whopping.
But Peter’s not worried, cause there’s another one,”over there” on the wall. But it’s really Bruno Mars, “a beautiful mixed up  tomorrow person” #notblack  #sethcarpet

Peter, still planning, decides on Puppets or Muppets…no strings. They dress life size dolls for the pummel. It works. 
Stewie & Bry are rich!  💰 And so they do what rich people do…play! They wanna watch James Cameron do something with the Titanic. They dive in an underwater vessel with claws and attempt to grab him.  …Why? They dismember him. Body shredded they sneak away. #Murderers #sethcarpet

Brian  finds a Protein Shake Product on the market with profits off the charts! However, Stewie investigates & the protein is…dog! 🐶 
Bry still wants to invest. After all, it is a “People eat Dog World”  
The Muppets show up,  defending Elmo on sexual assault charges.  Uh?
Brian takes the meeting with the company. He’s drugged and caged, made ready for protein. He’s a dog.
Stewie to the rescue. Gymkata style kick ass to “Life is a Highway” They dance with Tom Cochrane in a video cutaway #cute.

Finally the Peter Muppet comes home looking for Lois #sex Peter was being beaten by Jerome at last siting 
It was a fast episode and one must always remain quick, when dealing with Family Guy. Grasping it’s relevance, innuendos & ‘facts” to what’s happening now, ain’t easy.  But the Seth carpet, in particular keeps me tuning in. 
This was a good one. I caught what was immediate, but it may be worth a rewind 👊 

Family Guy airs on Fox, Sundays @9:00 p.m Pacific Time