The Americans (S06E02) “Tchaikovsky”

4046a37f 0c8d 4d37 aaa1 8ffed9edc9e8 - The Americans  (S06E02) “Tchaikovsky”This episode opens with a much less happy Philip (Matthew Rhys). Elizabeth (Keri Russell) walks downstairs without saying a word, to have a cigarette outside. Good thing cigarettes were a lot cheaper back then. 

Stan (Noah Emmerich) is told that Oleg (Costa Ronin) is in Washington, but not as a part of the KGB. He is basically told to go pay Oleg a visit and report back. This is another meeting that I am looking forward to.

Elizabeth had a busy episode almost getting caught at the State Department when she ditched her fake tour and her outfit to meet with a mark hoping to get information on the summet meeting. Slick talker that she is, she got her lunch date aka mark to go outside for lunch before security caught on. All of that stress and she only get a bit of info about Regan possibly going senile.
During a meeting with Claudia (Margo Martindale) she asked if anything happened to her that Claudia continue training Paige (Holly Taylor). My how times have changed. It wasn’t that long ago that Elizabeth didn’t trust Claudia as far as she could throw her.

Elizabeth was caught off guard when Paige asks if any KGB Agents use sex to get info from their sources. Elizabeth is quick to say no, of course a total and complete lie. She is fighting hard to keep the worst aspects of the job from Paige. I wonder how long Paige will believe that the espionage game is all spying and clean hands.

The last scene of the episode brings us to Elizabeth and her third meeting with an old source trying to get a lithium based radiation sensor that is needed quickly and quietly. General Rennhull (Victor Slezak) is refusing to give her the sensor, just like with the first two meetings. This time he brings a gun, fully intending to shoot Elizabeth. She gets on her knees, seemingly begging for her life and tells him that she has children. She of course lunges at General Rennhull and the gun falls onto the ground. Elizabeth gets him in a headlock (he never had a chance really) and the gun ends up going off, under his chin. Elizabeth is now covered in blood and brain matter. Paige (who was waiting in the car) comes running to see if her mother is ok and sees a very messy Elizabeth.

I have to wonder what the fallout will be after Paige gets a taste of what can (and does) happen in the world of espionage. No lie will cover the truth of this mess and how will Elizabeth get a sensor now?
Fun fact: this episode was directed by Matthew Rhys