Arrow (S06E16) "The Thanatos Guild" and (S06E17) "Brothers in Arms"

For the episode 16, Nyssa (Katrina Law) returned to Star City because of a map that Malcolm (John Barrowman) hid for Thea (Willa Holland) to find. Because of this, some League of Assassins members that Malcolm trained, wanted to find Thea and threaten her. Through the entire episode, the members of the Arrow team simply tried to help Thea and Nyssa out, with Roy (Colton Haynes) being somewhat sceptical, to say the least. At the end of the episode, he promised to go with them to solve whatever they need to solve, because he is happy, as long as he gets to be with Thea. Awww! Roy is truly a great character.

Meanwhile, Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) has been doing a lot of work in her free time, trying to find and expose the police that are dirty. She realized that the Vertigo evidence went missing, which means Diaz (Kirk Acevedo)  has some wicked plans. Curtis (Echo Kellum) helped Dinah with her research, but he also got himself a date in the meantime. I think that’s great, I’d love for Curtis to find a romantic match, though I am not able to say that I am not sceptical about this. Given the fact that a lot of police are corrupted, his boy, who is – by the way – an officer, could be exactly that. I hope I am wrong!

There’s more drama. Diggle (David Ramsey) still wants to be the Green Arrow, but so does Oliver (Stephen Amell). He feels like he is complete in his uniform, so it looks like Diggle won’t get what he wants. Let’s just hope this won’t point to the fallout of their friendship.

Onto the 17th episode. Speaking of fallout, it indeed happened. Though Diggle and Oliver first seemed to talk their issues through by Oliver explaining how he feels, this peace didn’t last. Diggle got incredibly furious with Oliver’s leading skills, so they ended up having both a verbal and a physical fight. I love their friendship, I have ALWAYS loved it, but that was one badass scene!

With their friendship crumbling, everything else seems to crumble as well. Dinah and the little squad of good cops arrested Anatoly (David Nykl), but his arrest did not last long, given the fact that Diaz ‘bought’ half of the law. The little resistance of the good cops had a lot of consequences – namely, one of them being murdered and the rest of them being targetted. Because of this, Dinah and Curtis decided that it’d be best for all of them to hide out at a special place and this gave Curtis and his ‘cop boy’ the chance to bond. The cop claimed he does not like the vigilantes, but when Curtis ended up saving him, his opinion somewhat changed.

Let’s continue with the ‘crumblings’. Oliver decided to fire two people at the police station, claiming that they cannot work for him if they work for Diaz. That was a great and powerful move, but it blew right in his face when Evil Laurel (Katie Cassidy) suggested that these two workers can use that against him. They ended up claiming that Oliver is indeed the Green Arrow and the reason for them being fired was him trying to … Save his own ass. And they did that on television.

Wow. I love a spin, a complication … But that was quite … Forced, shall I say. So many people have claimed that Oliver is the Green Arrow so many times through this season … Either he should get convicted (which he obviously won’t, given the fact that he is the protagonist of the show) or this should be dropped by now. Maybe this storyline will lead into Diggle getting the suit … I can see some point in that … But that’d be just as forced. It would only lead into Oliver and Diggle not solving their issues out. Besides, Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) gave a proposition to Diggle to work for ARGUS, which is – in my opinion – a great preposition. I definitely think he should stick to it.

Once again, I love Oliver and Diggle, but Oliver has been sellfish. If the suit ‘defines’ him, why does he think that Diggle’s suit, uniform, him being a soldier – does not define him? Diggle has been in the shadow, not only this season, but practically through the show. He is a great character with a lot of strength and great ability to fight, but … Is he appreaciated? At this point, I don’t even know.

Anyhow … Diaz is taking the city under his own armor by being this … Boring, uncreative villain with a lot of money and cool bribary skills. Oliver is lost. And that’s that … That’s the plot of this season, my friends. Let’s tune in next time.