Petition: Renew”Good Behavior” on TNT


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Help us get “Good Behavior” renewed! This show encompasses the human spirit. It tells stories from a rare point of view. They deserve all the accolades. The chance to continue to their tell stories. It cannot end. Your voices must be heard. Help us by signing this petition.

10 Reasons Why “Good Behavior” Needs to be Renewed.

Help Save “Good Behavior” on TNT Petition

Click on the link above to sign the petition.

Thank you so much. Bingewatcher


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kendra says:

    Best show on TNT AND on TV. It is being shown on networks around the world! The ratings might not show it, but the show’s fan base is insanely huge and waiting for season 3. Bring back Letty and Javier!!! #RenewGoodBehavior

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    1. bingewatcher says:

      Hi Kendra! ICAM with you more. Best show on TNT and TV! Let them know. Sign the petition. Get your friends to sign it. Thanks for taking the time to read and stop by!


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