Instinct (S01E01) “Pilot”

So I don’t know how to go about describing this show. I am speechless not due to how good it was, but due to how generic, rushed and dull it was.

In the decades when prodigal and intellectually gifted people have graced our tvscreens as crime solving partners of boisterous and less-intellectually-gifted co-partners; if TV doesnot being something new to the mix then it flungs itself headlong into a generic trap. But Instinct does try to make a change in its lead line up to stir up the pot, or rather it tries to atleast. The selling point of this series is that it’s headlining man (Dylan Reinhart) is gay and yet he also comes off as the typical egoist and also has subtle male chauvenist streaks in some moments. He also doesn’t follow protocols and talks over his female partner even when the situation clearly demands that he not, like when Lizzie is interviewing one of the relatives of the first man murdered. It’s obviously done to reinforce that he is a bit socially awkward and yet intellectually bright. But, the moments that he has with his husband are a nice touch and it also showed the audience a vulnerable and loving man who is grappling with telling this partner about his new job with the police.

The only interesting thing about the plot was the reveal of who it was in the end and even then there is barely any tension and the situation is resolved as it is normally done- with the baddie being captured and someone from the duo getting shot, no prizes for guessing that it’s obviously Lizzie. But I will give it a measly half points for not going for the more generic talk-down-the-culprit method.

Lizzie Needham herself is given the mist boring backstory of a dead fiance dying in the line of duty, who also totally co-incidentally was the only one who understood her (eye-rolls).

But, all that being said, the show can find its redeeming quality in its lead duo itself- there was a lot of headbutting but there were also moments where they connected and respected each other: like when Lizzie admits that she had read his book three times and had suggested to her department head that they get Dylan’s help, then he didn’t inflate his ego like a balloon but actually thanked her for reading his book; or when, their thoughts coincide as similar. These moments are sprinkled throughout and if built up properly then this show can find gold in a dynamic between a gay man and woman who is emotionally broken. This show can be rife with the notions of found family and honestly that’s the only hope which will make me tune in for the next episode.