SV Comic Con: (Theme) “What Does it Mean to be Human”🤔

“Picture this” (ma’petrillo voice) It was spring, April 08, 2018, San Jose, CA, Convention Center, Silicon Valley Comic Con…and us. Too many to count, 2 days in number, waiting to see Stan Lee.  
He was behind a draped curtain, protected like the POTUS…or The Pope! There was a 2 day line/delay because Stan, recently released from the hospital, still appeared weak and incredibly frail. Yet he showed up and persevered. Feebly signing photos, comic books, arms 💪and guitars 🎸 slow deliberate & steadfast, “Stan Lee ” he scrawled.  
Often illegible, it was worth the extra $20 to have the ink witnessed and authenticated as the real deal. #priceless
He’s 95 years young, weak, frail, fragile & “propped up” But he was there in the flesh wearing a lime green sweater. 
I wondered why he was here? The stress & fatigue was obvious. Yet I waited in gratitude. ,Grateful to be in the presence of such a giant mind & imagination; genuis and grace; vision.
So I stayed because he did.  #waiting. It was Stan Lee, Super Hero. ‘Standing in the same room… breathing in the same air, space & time.  The Real Spiderman! 🕷🕸 #superhero
Looking around the Marvel of  cosplay, booths, conversations, comics and craziness, it was wondeful. I sensed, we’re standing in “The lengthy shadow of one man”  -#Emerson (kinda’ ) Thank you Stan Lee 👊 #castagiantshadow So cool😎 
“In other news”  The South Bay is definitely Spiderman and Captain America terriority.  I didn’t see a Panther anywhere; not that I saw everything, it just wasn’t obvious as it shoulda been. Black Panther was a Billion dolla movie theatre drop, after all! 💸 There were maybe  2 small booths of Exhibition.
No doubt, at the San Francisco in Oakland, June 8-10,Comic Con, we’ll see a sea of Black BIG Cats, T’Challa, and my little Ptince N’Jadaka…Killmonger 😍#myblackpanther 
There were also substanial, Hogwarts Star Wars, Mummys, Walking Dead and Alien creatures. But few Joker’s, Harley Quinn & Batman. Mos’def not D.C comics country.  Oh. there was one “Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”  🍊🎃  #charlesschultz #peanuts #madrespect
The panels are fun and worth the ticket price. Here’s a chance to interact with your fav, by asking that burning question. “Up close and personal” almost.
I missed David Tennent #Drwho due to the aforementioned run down & around with Stan Lee’s people. But I was in time to catch the hilarious, joyous and more than sociable, Matthew Lewis. #harrypotter He talks freely, friendly and with confidence.  He steals
Mads Mikkelson #Drstrange appears equally comfortable, relaxed & willing to share great stories and friendships. Particularly with Laurence Fishburne and their work together on #Hannibal. It brings to mind, “The Matrix” Morpheus coulda’ easily been there! Oh and he steals too!
‘Couldn’t get to the line in time  to ask one of my fav questions, “what’s your fav cuss word,” During the Q & A, it was woven thru out his responses . It’s 4 letters, begins with ‘F” and  it’s not  FOOD!  😁
Yet my absolute favorite,  I didnt see, hear him, get a photograph or autograph. But he stole my heart. ❤
In the true Samwise Gamgee, fashion of honor, love, loyalty and compassion; there is Sean Astin. He held the photo line with a firm,  “STOP!” ✋ for more than a minute, while my daughter looked for me. There was “room for one more” in the shot… ME!  At no extra cost!
But alas, I was lost in the crowd of authenticity…in a line of many verifying “Stan Lee was here ” #signature & almost never to be seen again! 
So Sean took the photo without me, but sent a personal message. Having missed the opportunity to reap his kindness, “He’ll cry for me”…and I’ll look for you, in the… next  👊 
And so in these days of Machinery, A.I & Johnny Cabs, it’s good to remember, simple acts of kindness and “What it means to be human”  #compassion #empathy #choice #Comiccon 
So see you in June “Bay Area, SF/Oakland” Comic Con “What to wear, What to wear?”  
~Finis ~
Stan Lee update: Hollywood Recorder reports an Elder Abuse investigation in the works, at the hands of his very impressionable daughter, J. C Lee
Prayers for all concerned 🙏