The Arrangement (S02E05) “You Are Not Alone”

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I don’t even know where to begin. First off, last night’s episode was written by Jonathan Abrahams. It was an such impactful episode with so many twists and turns. The ending left you with your jaw dropping wide open.
Shall we get started?

The Difference: Teann vs. Kygan:
The show starts off we notice a huge difference in the couples. I am talking a glaring difference. We first see, Deann (Lexa Doig) and Terence (Michael Vartan) discussing Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan (Christina Evangelista). “What a disaster everything is turning out to be.”  While in juxtaposition we see Kyle and Megan having sex. Followed by them doing a movie premiere. (Is it me? Or do these movie premieres never end?) We flash pan over to the women’s bathroom. We see Megan and Deann discussing Terence and Kyle. Deann gives Megan such sage advice. “Marriage are a bunch of negotiations. It serves a purpose.” – Deann. We then see Terence is discussing his legacy with Kyle. Terence is talking about having a child with Deann. A bit later we see, Kyle telling Megan: “Terence is having a child with Deann because of his legacy.” While Megan tells Kyle: “Deann said it’s something totally different. She wants to get rid of him.” HA! This keeps getting juicier by the minute. Who is really the couple here? Teann or Kygan? Illusion vs. reality. You decide.

Kyle and Megan vs. Xavier and Nasim: Staged Photo Op!
At the after party of the movie premiere for “The Kill Plan”. We see Xavier (Ruffin Prentiss III) and Nasim (Hina Abdullah). This is where Xavier sings “Happy Birthday” to Deann. Terence lavishes Deann with a beautiful necklace.  Terence and Megan are talking about her late-night encounter with Hope (Katherine Isabelle) … It was about “Closure”. Yeah, okay… Then the weirdest comment gets passed off. Xavier says, “He’s the only one who’s not IHM there.” (Terence hasn’t worked his subliminal brain washing powers on you just, yet…) The next thing was a trigger point for Kyle. As you have been noticing in my reviews, I have been alerting you to these. Kyle watches as Xavier puts his hands around Megan’s waist. (Oh, no you didn’t, Xavier!) #ANVIL! This upsets Kyle and is slowly simmering to his trigger point.

The next day, the couples agree to meet up for a day at the beach. Kyle and Megan & Xavier and Nasim. “The last time Xavier came home, and we were having sex, he called out her name.” – Nasim. (OUCH, that had to hurt. You can’t blame Megan, blame your husband!) Nasim has problems, talking a lot of smack in front of all the reporters and cameras nearby.  Now, Nasim is saying that Megan is involved with Xavier. IF she (Nasim) was involved with Kyle, she wouldn’t like that much, would she? (NO, she wouldn’t. Megan would not have it.)

We see Kyle and Megan walking along the beach… They are talking about their relationship and careers. How this was a total photo-op? (SAY WHAT!) Xavier and Nasim showing up. Kyle was standing right there. You know what he says, “Play the game, baby.” WHAT? #ANVIL A clear sign and motive that Kyle leaked that photo-op for the press to see! He needs to feed that fame monster and stay relevant. Kyle knows: about The Long Game, Obviously Megan isn’t fooling him. Then Terence knows too!

Hey, Jealousy, Jealousy:
I loved reading a comment from the shows creator on twitter. They thought of a third alternate title for this episode. ‘A tale of two necklaces…’ Terence gave Deann a necklace. Wes gave Deann a necklace. Let’s guess what necklace Deann is wearing? That’s right the one, Wes (Jacob Artist) gave her! You must laugh when you think about how jealous Terence is getting. I am a bit worried for Wes and his constant need in wanting to talk to Deann. It’s like Terence is going from one child to the next one. (Kyle then Wes). Do him and Deann really need a child? (snorts and snickers). The funny thing is Terence is all about “self-preservation”. He runs into Wes on the set. Apparently, Deann feeling a deep love for his mother, has given him a job. What is the first thing Deann says to Terence: “Leave him alone. Were you talking to him about IHM?” Deann sounded so much like a protective mother to me. It gets very soapy now. Terence is jealous of Wes. Deann says “Wrong Person! His mother, Mason. She’s gone.” In which he replies. “Your college friend…” Terence was in absolute shock. There is no way he was going to be out-done or out-loved by a woman. Deann could only love him, right? Maybe not. You know Terence had a hand in her death too. He plays dumb. Terence knows everything that is going on.

The slimy agent.

Did you like this slimy woman? She reminds me of that skeevy cop from season 1. What people do to protect self-interests and others, astounds me. The gall of her. She is Megan and Kyle’s agent. I got a bad vibe as soon as I saw her.
“You and I go way back. Just asking a favor.” – Kyle
“How far back do you want to go?” –  Agent
Ewe. That was dirty! Kyle headed straight for the bathroom, where he could absolve himself. Wash himself clean. He was washing all that dirty off. He did that the last time too. Poor guy.

Take me to Church. Not the song.
I am seriously worried about Shaun (Carra Patterson). How can she be buying into all this IHM mumbo jumbo?  We finally figure out how they figured out the title. “You Are Not Alone.” – Shaun tells Terence. In which Terence responds, “My foundation feels shaky.”- Terence.  (All the while, I am screaming. “Shaun, don’t fall for him, no don’t do it!) Shaun tells Terence she “goes to church.” I must admit I am loving every bit of “Terence is hurting” spiel. He deserves it. Karma comes for everyone; did he think he’d be spared? Deann is being truthful and Terence was being served in large doses of it. You are sometimes left asking yourself, how do they even make sense? Terence and Deann, maybe good partners on paper but as partners in life? My friends that is a whole other story. I feel like one of “Destiny Child” saying “No, No. No.” to Terence and Shaun, though. This cannot happen. They will ruin everything. Megan and Shaun’s friendship, the Long Game, everything.

I’m sending out an SOS:
I feel inspired by a lot of musical titles lately to write my reviews. Sting and The Police are very high on my list. “Just a castaway, (Megan) island lost a sea, oh.  Another lonely day. No one here but me. More loneliness, than any man (Kyle) can bear, rescue me before I fall into despair.”  You see how they can both me interchangeable in this song. They are both sending out an SOS. They both need to be rescued. They both need unconditional love from each other. They must escape IHM. That is the only way they will ever be truly happy. Before something bad happens…

Right now, Megan is the VIP of IHM. The people she went to see, Hudson and Gayle know she can get the inside information. These people were also prisoners of IHM and Terence. They want to take him down.  There was a girl named Julie Woolth, also apart of IHM. The same thing that is happening to Megan happened to her, 10 years ago. Julie disappeared without a trace. It’s all over happening again.
My closing thoughts: I was really impressed with last night’s episode. The writing was intense, fast paced, yet kept you guessing. It reflects the skill of the show’s creators, TpTb and writing team. I’m rating this episode 5 stars. The actors are on their “A” game. Megan, I am worried for her. Kyle obvious know about the “Long Game” after saying it to her face in last night’s show. Did she even catch it though? After seeing a preview of next week’s show, I am a bit worried for Kyle. Is he Terence’s pawn in this game? I must speak the truth, the creators, TpTb and writers, will if anything keep you guessing until the end. More food for thought.

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