Black Lightning (S01E12) "The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain"

Wow guys, this episode was amazing! I have to say that it literally is going to be counted as one of the best episodes of season 1. And now that the series has been renewed which is amazing; we can definitely expect a lot more amazing episodes to come our way! But lets focus on this episode here, which is truly a great one and now we shall review it!

So with this episode we had quite a lot of things happen; for instance we finally found out where Dwayne (Richard Marrero) took Tobias (Marvin Jones III) which has been a lingering question since that moment when Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and Tobias had their little encounter quite a few episodes ago. Tobias was taken to the agency so he can start working for them but more importantly work for Proctor (Gregg Henry) just like how Lady Eve did before him. Which you have to think, can Tobias really work well with others? I mean I’ve always seen him as a man who loves to work alone and not play well with others. I mean look what he did to Lala (William Catlett) before the man was resurrected that is.

Now that Tobias is working with the agency, his first assignment is to capture Black Lightning alive so that the agency can experiment on him to find out why he’s the sole survivor of their product from 30 years ago. To make sure that Tobias is able to do the job well the agency sent with him Khalil (Jordan Calloway) who under went an experimental treatment to be able to walk again. Once the two get back to town, Khalil goes on search for the agency to find more kids for the program. While on the streets Jefferson sees Khalil and stops him for a chat. He tries getting Khalil to come back to school, but Khalil doesn’t want to and instead tells off Jefferson.

Tobias and Khalil then devise their own plans to get Black Lightning out in the open, by creating a distraction by staging a scene of villainy at the school Khalil once went to. Tobias tells Khalil to keep ahold of the anger, the hate, the dark side okay maybe not like that but I couldn’t resist adding in the dark side part. Now with Khalil back, I have to be honest I didn’t think they would start creating him to become a supervillain. But after this episode it seems like they are heading that route. Which is going to suck for Jennifer/Lightning (China McClain) cause you can see that Khalil still cares a little bit about Jennifer and you can see that Jennifer still really cares about Khalil but only as a friend. And to see Khalil head down this path it makes you wonder if one day in future seasons if they will have Jennifer and Khalil become arch enemies or something. Anything is possible people!

I just never thought I would see Khalil, who had so much potential to become something great is now wasting it to take out his personal issues on those who “hurt” him. And with the electrical gauntlets that Khalil has, it makes me wonder what villain or hero he might eventually become. I don’t remember any superhero ever being equipped with electrical gauntlets. Although those could just be the first step to Khalil becoming the character he’s meant to be. There has been rumors that Khalil could eventually become Cyborg for the series, which if they do that then it would be re-imagining a character who has always been known as Victor Stone. But in the comics there are two different people who have the last name Payne the same last name that Khalil has. In the comics theres a man named Preston Payne who becomes a Clayface. Not the Clayface that we all know and love from Batman the animated series, Preston’s Clayface was completely different he was a man who was dying and chose to experiment with Matt Hagen the second Clayface’s DNA to cure himself from illness. But instead Preston became a meta-human with the touch of death by touching anyone and turning them into protoplasm.

Now there is another Payne who is actually a woman and a hero known as Firestorm, but to be honest since the agency is probably going to experiment with Khalil a little bit more throughout the future seasons. I’m betting that they will try creating Khalil as Preston Payne’s Clayface. I mean they’ve used Batman villains for The Flash and Arrow television series before, it wouldn’t surprise me if they used Clayface for Black Lightning series and changed his origin a little bit for this series. I guess only the future will tell with us.

Now one part that I truly loved was to finally see Syonide (Charlbi Dean Kriek) in full action and not to just throw her in a little action moments and then stop. But for this episode we saw her in full fight mode and actually fighting against Anissa/Thunder (Nafessa Williams) which I really thought that Syonide was going to lose her first fight, I mean she almost did which would’ve made her have a vendetta against Thunder. Another part I really loved was Tobias fighting against Black Lightning, we all have been waiting for that fight to go down, but sadly it was interrupted for Tobias telling Khalil to finish it which forced Jefferson/Black Lightning to go into cardiac arrest after that punch to the heart. If it wasn’t for Jennifer/Lightning I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a show. I mean the show is called Black Lightning if you kill the character you kill the show pretty much. But thankfully Jennifer’s abilities brought Black Lightning back to life to fight another day.

Now that the season finale is next week, we have to wonder if we will get another fight that will be more epic between Black Lightning and Tobais. I mean the two of them have always been archenemies and there needs to be some kind of epic fight that happens between the two of them.

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S01E13): “Shadow of Death: The Book of War” airs Tuesday April 17, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW