Empire (S04E10) “Sweet Sorrow”

Tonight on Empire: Cookie’s 47 years old?! “Black don’ t crack!” And no weave this week. 👊

Anyway, we pick up from the last episode and Cookie’s taken to the hospital by ambulance. She has a flashback to the day, her father went to the hospital…in an ambulance. She couldn’t save him.

Cookie’s had a heart attack, an M. I.  It’s going to be a long night. Lucious is told to call the family.

Andre shows up and is ostracized by the brothers and Pop. Tbey don’t want him there. He leaves. Frankly, they all have wanted to kill Lucious at least twice so…I’m not saying he shoulda done it, but I understand.

Hakeem prays every night with Bella. He wants to pray, now for his mom.  I never knew! Transformation  🙏

But Lucious goes to the chapel, to have a talk with God/Jesus.  He hasn’t prayed, since the night his father died . No surprises there.  Again, it’s all about him. He thinks God is mad at him.

Lucious sniffles, then takes the Cross 🕇 off the wall and threatens it.  Talking and pointing his “bony finger” like God in the heavens, looking down. He “prays” in Lucious tongue, closing with an “Amen ” that is more like, “you got that?!” #blasphemy. 😁

Cookie needs a stent after a mild heart attack. Is there such a thing? She can go home after 1 week. #blessed 

Celeste, Eddie’s #wifey #??? is selling their condo to Lupe. (Fiasco?  😚) #desperate. Eddie promises rewards after he sells Empire. Claiming victory, he tells her to “hold on” #traitor 

Andre comes to see ma Cookie at home. She’s in bed. “I’m sorry ma” in a very childlike, sorrowful way.  She hopes “sorry ” is  enough. He’s dismissed. Wow! What would you do?  They’ve all wanted to kill Lucious, more than once! #empathy 

Corporations have  pulled their money; ads and support, pending the Dubois investigation. #Manslaughter  Jamal is to laylow. He doesn’t 

Becky confirms her plans for abortion. She’s not telling J Poppa. “It’s my body” …

Tiana is reluctant to work with “Keem, but she will do it for Cookie.  Their song is quite good. #Takeem “Big Shoes”👡 recorded in the “home studio” of Cookie.

Andre goes to see Shine. He admitted everything to Pop, leaving Shine out of it. He’s wiped the slate clean. Are they done with this?  No mo’fighting, No mo’feuding. Shine agrees. Yet let’s still watch him, yo! #sly #slick #wicked. And everytime I see Shine, I think of, yes..Nessa. 🎤🎶#sierramcclain  #cricketnoise

The sisters show up, Candace and Carolyn coming as Lucius back up. “No red meat, No cheeses, No liquor,  No carbs and a whole lot of water, we got this”  Love ’em! (Tasha Smith & Vivica Fox) And their mama is still alive? What?! First mention. Plot point.

Andre’s onto Eddie after he doesn’t answer a direct question. #evades  He’s suspect. He tells his parents. #traitor

Becky is trying to talk bizness, to J Papa. He’s not listening. He needs to know what happened with them. He’s  relentless.  “Just tell me!” She blurts out, “I’m pregnant! I”m not keeping it” ” I can’t be pregnant”  She’s sorry.  He walks away. He’s a Christian; wonder what he’s thinking? 🤔

The beating of Warren has gone viral. The shooting death of Angelo, thereafter, puts Jamal in a very unflattering, violent light.  He sits with Robin Roberts in a GMA interview, live.

It doesn’t go well.  Robin  suggest #angermanagement. He blew it, in the usual Jamal, bratty way. And he’s not sorry!   He embarrassed…ME on National T.V 😁

Later, Jamal goes to the clinic with Becky. J Poppa shows up to support. He prayed on it. #prayerworks

Eddie’s called  in to Tbe Lyon’s Den. He can’t deny it. ‘He’s “selling the real of it” The Lyons ain’t buying it.  Eddie’ s pissed. “I saved your ass! Shucking and jiving, North Philly monkeys to the white people!” Lucious gives him 10 seconds to get the hell out of his house. I think it was the monkey reference 🙈🙉🙊 

So far this season appears tame by comparison; especially 2-3; 3 being my fav. So much is obvious and I”m a “never saw that coming ” kinda viewer.  Maybe next week.

Empire airs Tuesday @ 8:00 p.m, Pacific Time on Fox 


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