Gotham – Character Catch Up

Gotham is always bananas, but these days it’s a full-on circus. The amount of bad guys in this town, in each episode, has become truly mind-blowing. And with Jerome back on the town – nothing is out of the realm of possibility. As we’re heading into episode 18, here’s a little briefer on where our most key characters stand.

Jim (Ben McKenzie) – back in charge but barely, Jim has convinced Harvey to partner up with him again. Jim now knows that Lee (Morena Baccarin) is “The Doctor” but I’m pretty sure isn’t aware how far down the rabbit hole Lee has gone. Trying to pick a villain to focus on has been tough for Jim, but after last week all eyes are on Jerome.

Bruce (David Mazouz) – after seeing a hallucination of himself as the Bat, Bruce initially tried to resist his calling. With some help from Selina, he’s back on board to be a hero, and more importantly, has begun mending fences with Alfred (Sean Pertwee).

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Selina (Cameron Bicondova) – after her showdown with Ivy (Peyton List), Selina showed hints of heroism (Batcat is the best) but we all know that can’t last.

Barbara (Erin Richards) – a huge twist – apparently Barbara is the new leader of the League of Shadows – when the league finally knelt, a group of women murdered all their male colleagues. So now the League is all female?? Not sure what’s happening here but it should be interesting, to say the least.

Butch (Drew Powell) – back with full control of his mental faculties, but without his lady love (hard, but who can blame her – it’d be hard to make out with a corpse lol). Without hope, that it, until Penguin convinces him that he can save him – for a price of course.

Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) – Ed has lost control almost entirely, all the good he was trying to do out the window as Riddle takes over his mind. Well – maybe? There is a possibility that Ed’s love for Lee (and her manipulation of said love) can allow Ed to have some control over Riddler’s actions.

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Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) – our boy survives everything doesn’t he? With Riddler back in control, he helps Penguin escape from Arkham. Penguin may not be in charge of the League of Terribles right now – but don’t count him out. He’s not likely to follow Jerome for long.

Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) – Jerome, Jerome. Our most interesting baddie and the delight of all Gotham viewers. Well on his way (we thought/think?) to becoming the Joker until a HUGE twist. Jerome has a twin!! Jeremiah! Who’s supposed to be the good twin, but probably isn’t? My vote right now – Jerome basically drives Jeremiah insane and HE’S the one who ends up becoming the Joker. It was always too simple for it to be Jerome. Jerome has the League of Terribles following him right now – from Dr. Freeze to Penguin, but this guy is so erratic, not sure he’ll be the leader long.

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Things do not look like they’re calming down as we head into episode 18 and aren’t we all glad?? The insanity of this show is one of the many reasons we love it. That and the killer fashion 😉

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