Star (S02E12) "Dreamers"

I think star killed her mother. She’s dreaming or hallucinating, seeing her everywhere.  🤔
Never the less Angel’s singing. Flashback to a newsreel, POTUS is talking about the problem of illegal aliens in our country. It’s Bill Clinton!  WHAT?! It’s…”The American Way” 
Cutaway to a  woman chained at the ankle in a cell. She wants a lawyer. Annoying the guard, he slams her against the wall and chokes her. 

On to Donald Trump, present day POTUS talking about the Mexicans being bad #immigration people.  The woman in the cell looks at a picture of her baby.  Angel’s still singing. I think the song is about his mom; obviously the one in the cell
Carlotta goes to stay with Maurice because there’s no room at Ruby’s. Riight! 😉
Charlene stops by. She appears timid and weak. A 180 of Arlene.  She is looking for Arlene’s killer, leaves her card. She’s a mortician. ⚰ Of course she is. 

Quavo (himself ) is back. Making eyes at Alex and causing trouble. He has history with Noah.  #frenemy #manoymano
Desmond from Sound House Productions came to pull the plug; no deal to support the tour. Noah is good, but a risk. He cannot be trusted #onthewagon Star suggests Quavo headline. If he goes for it Deal! Noah ain’t happy. #frenemies
Paola (Lala Anthony) shows up. Angel ‘s mama while Jahil was scolding him for marrying Simone.  
Andy thought Simone was gay. #comicrelief 

Quavo is on board to save the tour as headliner…if Alex will hop on his track. She does and he’s in. Noah’s not happy. #frenemies 
Carlotta stops Noah from drinking. He’s feeling sorry for himself
Star goes to see Daddy Brody.  After accusing him of stabbng Arlene. He doesn’t confirm. ..nor deny. “But did you kill my mama?” Starr screeches, wanting to know what happened? What’s the secret? He won’t tell. She never wants to see him again. She walks out. 
Brody decides to leave town,  but is attacked by “room service”

Angel is an illegal alien.  ICE is maybe looking for him, per his mama. She tells a tale of passing him off to a boyfriend, while she went to prison.  He’s also Dominican, not Peruvian. Bottom line: “Jahil you are not the uncle!”
Noah punches Quavo #fedup Quavo pulls a gun like Quick Draw.  They’re separated before any real harm, but Quavo quits. #fedup But why does he wear a gun? #enemies

Brody is dead. Charlene is a bigger bitch than Arlene. Why did we need an Arlene twin?
Star calls dad to “apologize”  She remembers, she was trying to give mama her “medicine” A needle in the arm. It killed her. An accident. He protected her.
All this while Brody is sitting in a bathtub, filled with water. Arlene, er Charlene,  pours bath salts then drops a livewire. He’ s shocked! #dead Another waste. Bye Brody 😣 I miss him.

The show is moving at a nice pace, so far. It’s a very full cast, but the writers seem to be addressing everything.  No loose ends and everybody gets to play.
Of particular interest is Angel & Simone. I like ’em. 💏 May have to give’em a squish name. #ship

Star airs on Fox, Wednesdays @ 9:00 p.m.Pacific Time