Timeless (S02E04) “The Salem Witch Hunt”

What a way to return from a full two-week break! Wowza. If the title alone wasn’t enough of a mental image for you, the stage is now well set for what we are about to witness in this weeks episode. Unfortunately for our team, Massachusetts in 1962 isn’t the only trial they are battling. Panning back to the future – on the same day Wyatt (Matt Lanter) finds out Jessica (Tonya Glanz) is no longer dead, she also serves him divorce papers. Is that enough reason for Wyatt to blow cover on the bunker and risk them all being found out? I don’t think so, but I also can’t say I’d do anything different in his shoes. Now that he and Lucy have connected, romantically speaking, is anyone going to be on team Jessica? Their names aren’t even shippable, which will all know is sound reasoning for being for or against a TV couple.

Even Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and Jiya (Claudia Doumit) have a bit of a situation, with him not wanting to hear about her premonitions. She stands her ground like the bad ass woman she is, and I can’t help but wish for more Jiya in this show. We are only given tidbits of her newly explained gift, but I venture to guess that her visions are going to play a more significant role in the storyline. For the first time, we get to find out that despite all efforts to change the premonition, part of it still came true. Now that Rufus knows the truth of the matter, and is starting to learn some of the mechanics of it all, I’m sure this will be a great side plot to watch unfold.

Speaking of keeping your eye on something…

“Fighting the good fight through time is kinda my wheelhouse,” says Flynn (Goran Višnjić) jovially. And without much pushback at all, Flynn is fully back in the crew. I’m now forced to remember that scene in the Hindenburg episode where Flynn swears Lucy will one day work alongside him. Unfortunately for all our memories, it looks like he was right. We’re a far cry from Salem to the day Lucy fills a journal with tales, but this is a turning point none the less. Almost as quickly as they integrate with Salem people, Lucy is being accused as a witch by none other than dear ol’ mom. Now Carol is accusing Lucy to convince her to go back to Rittenhouse again?

Witch, please.
timeless salem - Timeless (S02E04) “The Salem Witch Hunt”
Timeless wastes no time at all in getting right to the point. Even here at episode 4, I can tell each scene is well crafted to keep our attention from beginning to end. If this is where shows are supposed to have their lull, Timeless missed that memo. Creators and Writers Erik Kripke and Shawn Ryan seriously keep the goods coming. Ironically I feel the only thing currently holding this show back, is its time. NBC – Can we PLEASE have a better time slot for this show?! 10/9c just isn’t doing us justice. You’re indeed missing out on not only a decent sized demographic but on well-deserved ratings. Give it the time-slot it needs, and you’ll not be sorry for it. For those of us not in control of such things, Timeless is delivering week after week without fail. All I can say is thank you; this is the time travel series we’ve been waiting for.

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