Tokyo Ghoul: re (S02E01) “Those Who Hunt”

Tokyo Ghoul Re is the third season of the hit show Tokyo Ghoul. The episode starts out with this investgator by the name of Kuki Urie getting into a car to apprehend a ghoul but when a fight breaks out another investgator shows up by the name of Gunshi Shirazu both investgators battle this ghoul but when things really go sideways there leader shows up by the name of Haise Sasaki.

Haise Sasaki is the commander of this team called Quinx. The Quinx are humans who are modified to have ghoul abilities but are not ghouls themselves.

Haise Sakaki was able to defeat the ghoul that was given his team trouble but sence he allowed the ghoul to live he catches heat for it the very next day from both the Nubu Shimoguchi and Akira Mado the people who Haise unit work for.
As the episode goes on the next ghoul the Quinx unit go after go by the name Torso. Both Kuki and Gunshi want to find the person first so Haise dose not take all the credit for killing or capturing the ghoul.

Once Haise find out what Kuki and Gunshi are up to he immediately try to find this ghoul before they do with the help of Toru Mutsuki. Haise investigations lead him to find out that this character by the name Torso is a cab driver and the women who he targets are usually near a hospital. As soon as Toru senses the ghoul there looking for near by by she jump in front of the person that was going to get into this taxi in order to save there life.

As soon as Torso pulls off to the side he try to attack  Toru but she was able to defend herself somewhat until Gunshi and Kuki got there. Once they got there a big fight break out and Kuki ends up doing pretty well holding his own but all that goes sideways when this new powerful ghoul shows up to protect Torso.

This mask figure end up defeating both Gunshi  and Kuki. Just as he starts talking down about them Haise show up with a sword and get in a fight with this mask figure after a few dodging and taken a few blows we get a quick glimpse of who Haise truly is and it none other than Ken Kaneki himself and with him unleashing his ghoul form plus the twitching of his fingers the episode ends.

a Now overall I thought this first episode was good my main complaint with it was I felt Tokyo Ghoul Re feels different than season 1-2 both of those season had a certain style and feel to them. Tokyo Ghoul Re feels like a complete reboot in form of a less darker story compared to the first two season which I’m not so sure I like or not. I do like how Haise character is really Ken Kaneki and it going to be interesting learning what happen to him to change his character personality a little. The newer characters like Gunshi Shirazu,Kuki Urie, and Toru Mutsuki are interesting but I much perfer  the older characters from past season more. It was nice seeing Hinami Fueguchi again she was the little girl who lost her mother in the first season due to the ghoul task force and it will be interesting to see her role in this season considering the small part she has in this first episode.Plus there the question of if we will ever see Rize showing up in Keneki head or if that part of the story is gone now.

Tokyo Ghoul Re episode one Those who Hunt would get a 3 stars out of 5 stars you can watch current seasons of Tokyo Ghoul at if you have there streaming service