Blindspot (S03E13) "Warning Shot"


The episode Blindspot returned from its break with was one of this season’s best episodes. The emotional storyline perfectly balanced the fun action. The plotline that has run throughout gets furthered this episode, “Warning Shot.” The one-liners were my favorite part, though, as it added some funny to the episode. The chases and undercover ops all added to an episode that saw the return of fan favorite Nas, who was all drama.

The dark web auctioning off a virus stolen from the NSA meant two things: the return of Nas and a lot more of time with Richdotcom. This season has already seen so much turmoil and Nas adds just the right amount of gasoline to the fire, making things interesting. She belongs on this team but I’m just happy to see her again. The lives of these characters get bombarded with so much hardship due to lies, it’s fitting that Nas is the one character to help them all bring the lies to light. Moving on, I would be happy to see Nas’ face pop up to help the team at the NSA now that she has her job back.

The CIA is where Nas has found herself since we last saw her, which Zapata already knows. The least Zapata could have done is act a little surprise to keep her allegiance a secret a tad bit longer. Why she has to keep her CIA work from the team is still a mystery, yet another one of their blind spots. It seems there is a cold war brewing between our heroes and the CIA with characters like Zapata and Nas caught in the middle which should make their respective character arcs interesting.

This episode also included movement in the relationship between Reade and his girlfriend Megan when the fact that she’s in the US illegally gets out to Tasha who still has feelings for Reade. They can stay professional, right? If things follow the way this relationship is going, it’ll only be more complicated later. It’s stated that Meg is an illegal immigrant, but I have a hard time believing Reade would be so secretive with the team over something so simple. Is that me becoming too paranoid watching Blindspot? This show has a way of making you question all the little details, doesn’t it?

Through this storyline, the show really put the tension between Tasha and Reade on display until the end. Right as you think his relationship is almost over, what does Reade do? The master of bad timing proposed to Meg when her attempts at citizenship fell apart, leaving his career in a precarious position.

The party at the center of this episode was as extravagant as Richdotcom’s constant pleas made it seem, especially when you had most of the cast involved as undercover agents. The seasons that were building Rich as this wildcard trickster were worth it thanks to this season’s many unforgettable moments. Lives have been changed by this character who was initially a big buffoon (okay, he’s still a buffoon). Everyone’s wrong perceptions about Rich have been expertly subverted and explored so far this season as he shines his own special kind of light with every scene he’s in.

Weller and Jane are on steady ground after an episode estranged. They are much stronger together than they are apart, despite all their baggage. Her daughter Avery, however, is still distant and has tunnel vision about her father but Kurt seems like he’s  getting through which is awkward for so many reasons. Mother is not a role you would expect for Jane Doe back in the beginning and it’s one of the reasons this season is the best one yet because of scenes like the one between Rich and Jane. Help from Rich. This step, however mind-boggling it is, goes a long way in solidifying Rich’s role and Avery’s importance.

As light is shined on everyone’s secrets, things gets more interesting. The information Nas provided to Weller suggests that Avery’s father was actually quite dirty and involved in some way with Hank Crawford. Jane is not privy to this information by episode’s end, giving Kurt a chance to tell her.

Normal and charming Roman is without a doubt the most terrifying part of this episode. The end showed how he might actually need his psychotic side to survive this operation. His mark, Blake Crawford, may actually have affected him for better or worse. His persona of cold killer has thawed out since meeting Blake, but it happened at an inopportune time. Through his “relationship” with Blake, Roman has shown us his human side when he felt jealousy or happiness around Blake. Junior and Roman seemed to have built a rivalry for Blake’s heart until armed assailants kidnapped both Blake and Junior while she was under Roman’s watch. Blindspot is crazy.
There’s a strong possibility that the trouble is just starting. You think I’m right?