Chicago Med (S03E15) "Devil In Disguise"

From a bold surgical procedure to two bold medical cases and even a bold decision that could help someone’s career. Here’s a recap of this week’s Chicago Med.

When conjoined twins comes in, a couple weeks early before their separation surgery, for a heart issue, the team thinks that the best way is to move ahead the separation and to save one over the other. But Rhodes thinks there’s a better way to save both and it divides both him and Bekker of their opinions on the situation. With the team informs the parents of the first procedure without informing them about Rhodes’ plan.

But Rhodes gets the final word as he sneaks and talks to the parents about how he could save both and they agreed with his plan. With the team pissed, mostly the pediatrician, Rhodes performs with some complications at first but goes smooth and the twins are safe and ready for their separation in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, Halstead tries to help a father, who might be suffering from a misdiagnosis, but when they learn of what he has the only thing that he’s concern is the payment. This was due to the father’s decision of getting a cheaper insurance so his son could go to college with the money he tried to save. He gave Halstead an earful of why couldn’t he let him die. It’s given Halstead another week of trying to help a patient even if they don’t want it. He tries to talk to Natalie about it but she tries to avoid him at all cost after she wanted a break. But it gave us a nice Halstead-Rhodes bromance at the bar but leaves with that pediatrician sitting next to Halstead and ordered him a drink. Looks like that break with Natalie might be soon break up.

Talking about medical cases, Charles and Reese tries to diagnosis a patient, who’s mother thinks she’s possessed by the devil. But the father, otherwise thinks it has to due with her mother trapping her at her home and gives some bad vibes from Reese, who’s kind of reliving what she sees in her relationship with her father. But when Charles and Reese tries to talk with the patient, she was talking gibberish and wetting the bed, which lead to Charles to talk with the parents and asked them about a certain book that he figured out she was saying.

Once he read the book, the patient was freaking out and even talking in words, for which the mother figured out why she was scared of the book. The father has done bad things to her when she was a little girl and as soon as he had enough, he walks out but Reese gives him a earful til Charles orders her to stop.

Also Maggie could be facing termination from last week’s doing but she gets word that if she had her EMT licence with an updated card, she would be safe. But wasn’t the case as her card had expired two weeks ago and goes beyond to Barry for help to get a card renewed before her hearing. But as she got her card and headed up to the hearing, the heating was cancelled due to the family sticking up for her for saving their daughter.

And Ethan accepts his sister to stay with him for a couple of weeks. But when April finds out that she disobeyed his order of not having anyone over, she gives her a chance.

“Devil in Disguise” was amazing episode that kept me intrigue for the whole hour with some of the most interesting stories and character developments, mainly Charles and Reese’s patient (which was  my favorite storyline of the episode), Halstead’s third encounter with another patient that doesn’t want help and trying to get Natalie’s opinion. The Rhodes’ story was good, there wasn’t much doing between Bekker and him that I thought there was going to be. I was worried that Maggie would be the one to go, but glad she’s staying. I would assume that her and Barry are okay with how things went while back. I’m not liking the last scene with Halstead and the pediatrician getting equated with drinks. Wouldn’t that make the break move into break up with Manning?

Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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