Interview with Brendan Taylor


Fans of Supernatural and The Arrangement, have I got a treat for you! Please note there may be some SPOILERS for you SPN fans in here. I can’t thank Brendan enough for taking the time to answer questions from @Bingewatcher and I. Though we’re used to seeing him in supporting roles, it’s easy to see why he’s about to break out as our lead actor, and it sounds like we can expect even more from him after that. A true testament to hard work and respect for your peers, he’s got the foundations for all things behind the screen – and it shows.
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1. Let’s talk about your triumphant return to Supernatural this season. Fans were undoubtedly pleased to have #DougieBear back on their screens, were you just as excited to be back with team SPN? Is there anything you can share with us about working on set with that particular cast and crew?
It was so exciting to get the call that I was back on the show! The way my first episode, “Plush” ended, it seemed like it was set up for me to return, but you never really know. So when I found out I was so pumped. Briana is such a pleasure to work with; we get along so well, so the hours on set are always a good time and just fly by. The crew on Supernatural is widely known for being great, and my days on set were no exception. And Jared and Jensen couldn’t be more professional. One quick story; we shot my emotional final scene on the first day, and everyone was so respectful about allowing me to take as much time as I needed. It was a good thing we did it first though because I spent the rest of the time in stitches because my costars are famously hilarious.
2. Since Donna’s niece, Wendy was kidnapped by monsters, in “Breakdown.” (S13xE11), you were not aware a world like that even existed. When you found out about this script, were you shocked?
I was definitely curious to find out how much I knew about Donna’s life, and what had happened in the time since we last saw Doug. I think it was a good story element to add to Donna’s arc; her struggle to balance her new hunter life with having a “normal” life with Doug. When you think about it though, that’s a pretty huge thing to keep from someone for so long.
3. After what had transpired, were you ready to accept that there would be a monumental shift in your relationship with Donna?
I think that secret helped Doug’s reasoning to have to leave. Keep in mind he was just a vampire, then unconscious until like four minutes prior to being asked to join them in a life of monster hunting. It was a lot to take in all at once. Doug still loves Donna, but I think he needs some time.
4. Not IF, but WHEN ‘WayWard Sisters’; gets picked up, will you be open to making any guest appearances?
Yes, WHEN! Positive thinking, I like it. Well, I wish I could say it was up to me when or if Doug gets to come back, but sadly I have no say really about that stuff. Of course, I’d love Doug to show up and help out though. I have a fantasy of seeing Doug roll up to all the Wayward ladies, full Rambo-style with giant machine guns and ammo belts across his chest, ready to whoop some monster butt.
5. You’ve been in this industry for over a decade, with credits ranging from miscellaneous crew to actor – was that the plan all along? How did you go from set design to acting in arguably one of the most fun science fiction shows out there?
I’ve been in the industry for a long time. I grew up around it though. My mom worked in the art department for commercials, and I took drama classes all through high school. It really was my dream early on, but I didn’t think it was a possible career. I worked in Set Dec for what ended up being a while, as it paid well and kept me close to the industry. But I could only take so much of watching others do what I wanted to do. It was great to observe and talk to actors living their dream; it encouraged me to start pursuing it for myself. To this day when I’m on set, I know people on the crew from my Set Dec days. They were always very supportive, so they’re happy to see me succeed doing what I love.
6. Honestly, it feels like you can do pretty much anything in the industry. Are you a jack-of- all-film- trades, or have you been working towards a particular cinematic goal?
I have worked in many aspects of the industry. Acting is my first love and I think will always be, but working other jobs on set actually really helps my acting. Having a bigger picture of the film-making process allows me to be a better collaborator. I like taking an active role in the projects I work on, and I really want to direct a short film or a play. I think directing is in my future. My mind is getting way more technical and analytical when it comes to watching films, and I feel I can talk to actors and get what I need out of them when it comes to coaching, so I’d like to apply all that from a director’s standpoint.
7. That being said, what are your favorite and least favorite positions on a set?
As for least favorite, I’m not gonna knock anyone’s job on set, as they are all vital to the big picture. But I gotta say I don’t envy anyone who has to be out in the rain all day. They are the true heroes. My favorite position is definitely being a lead actor. I got to be a lead on the feature film Charlotte’s Song, featuring Iwan Rheon of Game of Thrones fame, that is soon to be released. It was very gratifying to have a whole script to dig into and to break down. And I really got to work closely with the director to make sure we were telling the story as best as possible. Having the sense of responsibility and being at the helm of the production is simultaneously nerve-wracking and exhilarating!
8. Self-proclaimed car guy (I may have insta-stalked you a bit), so I have to know: If you had all the money in all the land, the environment was entirely stable, and
resources were abundant – what vehicle would you be driving every day, and why?
Ha, my car is more popular than I am. Hmm, that’s a tough one, asking a car guy! The car enthusiast scene is definitely changing, with the advent of electric and hybrid vehicles. They are definitely getting cooler, but still out of financial reach for most people. My dream car is probably a Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur, if we’re getting specific. All the car nerds will know what I’m talking about. It’s rare, it’s prestigious, but not in a flashy way, and it’s fast. But honestly I really love my current ride, I love it as is, but it’s a constant project as I have big future plans for it.
9. The second season of The Arrangement is now out. Is there anything you can dish to us about this season and your role in it?
We’re about halfway through season two now, and I can say that my character Isaac returns very soon. Last season we found Terence struggling to keep Megan and Kyle under control while trying to build and grow the profile of the Institute of the Higher Mind. As we’ve seen so far this season that’s still been the case, but Isaac has some brand new ideas to take IHM to the next level.
10. Do you have any other projects coming up that you’re excited about?
Well, I’m very excited to see how the rest of the season of The Arrangement plays out, and I have a new Hallmark movie coming out very shortly as well. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, both @mrbrendantaylor, for updates.