Ransom (S02E01) "Three Wishes"


Ransom begins its second season immediately after its first season concludes, as Eric Beaumont’s (Luke Roberts) daughter Evie (now played by Morgan Kohan) is kidnapped.
The show then shifts to a lovely bit of backstory of how Eric met Evie’s mother, as, after having just started his new company, he rescues a suicidal man. He tells Nathalie Denard (Emma de Caunes) that he’s “reading” her, but confesses that he is really hoping she feels the same as he does. They clearly hit it off.
Returning to the present, the team gets footage showing that the kidnapper is none other than Damien Delaine (Carlo Rota (real life husband to Nazneen Contractor who plays Zara Hallam in Ransom)). This triggers the first team/personal conflict, as Eric suspects that Nathalie knew it was Damien but didn’t tell him. She denies it.
We are reminded that Delaine had held Jessica hostage and Eric shot and killed her. Additionally, Jessica is mom to Maxine (Sarah Greene). Maxine has forgiven Eric for killing Jessica (and Eric has forgiven Maxine for lying to him and the team about who she is). Shockingly, Delaine actually visits the company and forces the team to hook Eric up to a lie detector operated by Oliver Yates (Brandon Jay McLaren). Delaine proceeds to ask very sensitive questions, designed to drive a wedge between Eric and the team members. He asks if Eric slept with Zara. Eric truthfully answers “no.” Delaine asks if Eric intended to let Oliver run his own team. Eric has to answer “no” again, which hurts Oliver. He tells Eric that he thinks the reason Eric volunteers for dangerous missions is that he wants to die. He asks Eric if he does want to die, and Eric truthfully answers that he doesn’t know. Delaine leaves, telling the team that he’ll have another job for them by the next day.
In the meantime, the team is forced to try to locate a prior victim of Delaine’s, Victoria (Elinor Crawley). Zara tracks her down, and because Victoria is convinced Delaine can find her, she has checked herself into an institution. She tells Zara that Delaine had taken Evie to Hell and Back. Zara returns to the team, feeling unsuccessful. Delaine meets with Eric in an office building, telling him Eric must assist in transferring $100M from a Russian mobster. Using some interesting maneuvers, Eric manages to infiltrate the computer of Viktor Volynets (Mikhail Safronov) and successfully transfer the money to Delaine’s offshore account.
Damien is trying to convince Evie that Eric is a lousy person. He’s trying to make an ally of Evie, who isn’t having any of it really, but he does get Evie to accept her phone back for music purposes. Damien has altered her phone and gotten her to use it unsuspectingly.
Eric is directed to meet Nathalie, who is in a parking garage, wearing a bomb vest. Delaine calls and tells Eric, he will only kill either Evie or Nathalie, but Eric must choose or both will die. In the meantime, Zara has figured out Victoria has given her the location of Evie in a building called Hellenback. Zara goes to find Evie, locates her and is frantically trying to get into her captivity room. With literally one second to go, Zara gets Evie out of the room, and using the earpiece, tells Eric that Evie is safe. Eric tells Delaine that he chooses Nathalie, so Delaine blows up the now empty room.
It was telling that when Eric asked Delaine why he didn’t just kill him, Delaine says that it wouldn’t be satisfying because he knows Eric already wants to die.
The team meets back up at HQ and Eric tells Zara he can’t be with either her OR Evie, that it is too dangerous. Zara had wanted some space, so this kind of worked out, but it seems they both are still interested in each other. The team acknowledges that Delaine is not finished, and we see Evie using the phone that Delaine modified.
Thoughts about the show: It was entertaining, but there were a few technical glitches. Notably, the sound volume was very inconsistent. The scenery, local and effects were very nice. But, there were also issues with suspension of disbelief. For example, the Russian assistant leaving a USB thumb drive out and the computer unlocked seemed unrealistic. Additionally, the elapsed time between locations at the end didn’t really seem to work. But, all in all, the episode was a solid B and was enjoyable. We clearly will see Delaine again – he’s a good villain.
Ransom airs on Saturday at 8/7c. Next episode is Alters, on April 15.