Real Housewives of New York (S10E01) “Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun”

Missed the RHONY premier last week?  I’ve got you covered with my weekly recaps.

We learn what the women have been up to since we’ve last seen them.  Bethenny has been doing hurricane relief work and flipping houses along with running her business empire, Ramona is remodeling yet again, Tinsley is living in a hotel, “Like Eloise all grown up” (in her words), and has broken up with the Coupon King, which is a shame. Dorinda is planning a costume party for Halloween, and the strangest of all: Carole is training for the NY Marathon.  No, really.

Luann sits down with Dorinda to talk about her Halloween party and how she’s been since she and Tom  got divorced.  Luann says she did everything she could to make it work, that she wished she’d listened to her friends in hindsight.  (Cue the Housewife fandom rolling their eyes simultaneously)  Dorinda talks about the Halloween party she’s planning, that she’s going as Lady Gaga, then Luann said: “Well, I have to go as a singer, right?”  (More on that later)

Carole and Tinsley have become good friends since last year, when she hooked Tinsley up with Scott, the Coupon King.  Unfortunately, Tinsley revealed that the long distance relationship was just too much and they broke up, but are still good friends.  Adam and Carole are no longer “boyfriend/girlfriend” even though he brings her “coffee” every morning (at this point Carole should just call it what it is  the longest booty call in history).

Sonja went on her version of Eat Pray Love on a retreat to Costa Rica over the summer, which pissed off her fellow housewives because she didn’t stay in touch with any of them over the summer.  Poor Sonja, she can never do anything right!  She and Ramona go costume shopping and gossip about Luann’s divorce, gloating over how they new it wouldn’t last.  Sonja revealed Tom still texts her, which I’m sure will come up later.

Dorinda had a meltdown when her costume arrived.  Instead of it being assembled for her, it was literally a box of glass balls and a body suit.  Dorinda panicked and called the guy who did the costumes for SNL (or was it lsn?  or Andy Sandler?  As the night went on she got slurrier and slurrier.)  and he came into save the day.

The group meet up at Dorinda’s party, and Dorinda is drunk and indecipherable within 1.2 seconds (per usual) and starts in with Sonja being rude by not greeting her.  Everyone’s costumes are great:  Ramona definitely won the night dressed as Brittany Spears, Carole was Amelia Earhardt, Sonja was Lucy, Tinsley was Madonna, Dorinda was Lady Gaga, and Bethenny made a killer blonde Barbie.  What made twitterverse erupt was Luanns Diana Ross costume.  Not only was her wig horrendous, it looked like she’d altered her face to make it look darker (aka Blackface) She said on WWHL she didn’t do anything, but it was obvious that she’d used either way too much bronzer or some kind of face paint.  She later apologized, saying she was horrified, that Diana Ross was an icon to her, but twitter wasn’t buying it.

luanna halloween costume - Real Housewives of New York (S10E01) "Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun"
Here’s her WWHL apology after the show:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true RHONY party without Ramona and Bethenny duking it out over some typically insensitive, dumb dig by Ramona, which came at the very end of the night, when Ramona brought up Bethenny’s real estate ventures.  She made a comment about one of Bethenny’s properties not being in the most desirable part of the Hamptons (because Ramona’s a real estate expert, didn’t you know?) and Bethenny went off on her in typical Bethenny fashion, ending the premier with a a nuclear explosion that I’m sure will be brought up the rest of the season.

All in all, what did you think of the episode?  I loved it.  RHONY is back, and this season looks to be one of the most promising ones drama wise, especially when it comes to Luann’s storyline.  With her arrest in Palm Beach to look forward too, the fallout of Bethenny and Carole’s friendship, and the antics of Ramonja, RHONY never disappoints.

What did you think of the episode?  What are you looking forward to seeing the most?  Leave a comment in the comment section and let’s discuss.