Gotham (S04E18) "That’s Entertainment"

Last night’s Gotham was stunning, I can’t say enough for the writers that they’re able to cram so much into a single episode without leaving the viewer overwhelmed and confused. Episode 18 was a game changer, and I’m just hoping Gotham gets renewed so we can continue seeing how it played out.

Bruce (David Mazouz) is really coming into his own, finally, and even the way he carries himself has become stronger. It’s his birthday, and in recognition of this, we get – the first Batmobile!! Bruce has a sweet moment with Selina (Cameren Bicondova) before it’s interrupted by Jim. Gotham needs its hero. To basically be a sitting duck, but still.

batmobile - Gotham (S04E18) "That's Entertainment"

Our big mess tonight is thanks to our favorite villain, Jerome. Jerome takes over a rock concert in the streets, dragging up Gotham’s Moral Authority Council (that this exists made me laugh so hard) and strapping them down for all of Gotham to see. It’s all a ploy though -Jerome wants everyone there so he can release the TERRIBLE laughing gas that Scarecrow (David Thompson) has developed. This stuff is the worst – twisting people’s minds and more gruesomely their faces into a parody of the Joker’s.

Thankfully, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is an unexpected hero, able to turn a blimp full of the gas away from the crowd. Taylor is a scene stealer everytime he’s on screen, and this scene where he victoriously steers the blimp away was gold for me.

happy penguin - Gotham (S04E18) "That's Entertainment"

In the end, Jim gets his man – shooting Jerome off of a roof, and then (although he did half-heartedly attempt to save him) watching Jerome fall to his death. All is well in Gotham once again.

jerome off building - Gotham (S04E18) "That's Entertainment"

Except of course, because nothing is ever easy in Gotham, Jerome has left a little present behind for his brother Jeremiah. A specially formulated version of the laughing gas – meant to bring out the crazy he believed lay within. They always did tell us that Jerome wasn’t the Joker right?

jeremiah joker - Gotham (S04E18) "That's Entertainment"

I guess they weren’t lying after all. I’m loving this twist and that it continues to allow Cameron Monaghan to perform this insane role. His expressions, his laughs, everything just screams Joker.

Truly this whole cast is spot on with their portrayals, there is no one I think, “That would have been better with a different actor” even after 3 separate Poison Ivys. This episode was banging, moving quickly and beautifully costumed as always. There are so many villains that it sounds as though it would be uncomfortable to watch, but the Gotham team has this figured out by now.

Favorite moments:
*Barbara entering the bar with her League of Shadows throwing ninja stars – this was such a cool scene!
barbara and league - Gotham (S04E18) "That's Entertainment"

*Penguin coming to Jim for help, basically telling him nothing, but admitting that Jerome scares the pants off of him

*After Barbara kicks Tabby out on the street, we’re introduced to another split in the League of Shadows – this sets up an interesting arc

Gotham airs next on Thursday, April 19th at 8/7c

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