Real Housewives of New York (S10E02) Running Your Mouth

New alliances seem to form this episode as we watch Carole run the New York Marathon.  I know, I still can’t believe it either, but way to go Carole!  That’s an achievement worth celebrating.  There’s a lot of meet ups and intrigue this episode as foundations are laid for feuds that come later this week.

Carole, Tinsley, and Ramona meet to discuss Carole and the Halloween party.  Carole brings up Luann’s Blackface and the fact that Luann is pissed that Carole didn’t reach out to her during Lu’s divorce.  Carole said she felt it would’ve been disingenuous if she had reached out, given the history between the women.

Ramona tries to explain her fight with Bethenny, which I’m still confused over.  Apparently Ramona’s the Maven of the Hamptons which I guess is like the Grande Dame of Potomac?  But leaves us more confused then ever.  Tinsley’s basically the audience, swiveling her head like she’s at a tennis match.

Ramona announces that she’s going to throw a party in Carole’s honor (without asking Carole, of course) at her house in the Hamptons, but she won’t be there.  Typical Ramona.  Out of all the girls, only Tinsley will actually be at the marathon to support Carole because of prior engagements, which Carole definitely has taken notice of.

Dorinda and Sonja meet for a stroll where Sonja says some pretty nasty things about Tinsley being a kept woman, how Scott paid for everything, which Dorinda tried to stop Sonja, but sometimes Sonja’s her own worst enemy and just can’t help herself.
Tinsley and Luann meet for lunch.  Tinsley is upset because she and Scott had been arguing, so Luann tried to give Tinsley some of her ancient “how to catch a count” dating advice which is as cringe worthy as her hair and references this season.

Tinsley has the best clap back this episode while she’s telling Luann that the women are mad because Luann hasn’t opened up to them about Tom, and tries to get her to stop fighting with Carole, Tinsley’s new bestie.  Luann makes a snide remark about Adam being a boy toy (which, if true, you go Carole!) and Tinsley says, “No offense, but her three year relationship with Adam was a lot deeper than your seven month marriage.”  I hadn’t laughed so hard at a one liner like that in a long time.  Tinsley seems to really be coming into her own now that she’s out from Sonja’s thumb and on her own.

Speaking of putting her foot in it, Carole and Dorinda meet up for a walk (New Yorkers really love to walk everywhere, don’t they?) to talk about the race and the party.  Carole let it slip out that Sonja called Dorinda fat to one of the party goers.  There’s absolutely no reason to be telling Dorinda this, especially when they’re trying to mend bridges.  Carole told Dorinda this just to stir the pot.

Dorinda and Tinsley meet for lunch and Dorinda told her what Sonja said during their strol.  (I told you there were a lot of meet ups this episode!)   Here’s a clip of their conversation:

Sonja and Luann meet up and immediately Luann tells her that the women (especially Tinsley) have been saying she hasn’t been emotionally available.  Luann goes on to ask, “Do any of them have 3 hit dance tunes on iTunes?  Do any of them have their own Pandora station?  Is Queen Latifah really a Queen?”  First off who still uses Pandora, and second How dare you!  Of course Queen Latifiah’s a real queen.  (insert crying smiley face).  I like Luann, but it’s time to put the Countess to bed.  Please.  We’re begging you.

The day of the race arrives.  Carole pays tribute to her late husband, Anthony, who’d run it before he battled cancer.  Carole finishes the race, ending the marathon storyline relatively early (Bravo loves dragging them out.)
What did you guys think of the episode?  Do you think Sonja really called Dorinda fat?  Will Carole and Luann ever make up?  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Next weeks going to be great because drama always happens when the women are in the Hamptons!