Supernatural (S13E18) "Bring’Em Back"

Okay you guys. This episode had me all the way surprised! So much happened that I wanted this episode to be a whole lot longer! Just click the link under this to listen to my review of “Bring’em Back”. And I also put some extra information on archangels at the bottom of this post, please check it out if you like. Happy Hunting~

Check out my episode “Supernatural S13 E18 Review by LazyMe10” from LazyMe10 on Anchor:
Now I mentioned in my review that I would look up what Archangels are technically still alive in the Supernatural Universe. Cause this really interested me after watching this episode.  Here is the link to the archangels in Supernatural ( Michael is probably there best option at fighting Other Michael & Lucifer is they want to win:
Also, I did look up all the Archangels that there are, but they have yet to be mentioned in the show:
To be honest, I think the boys should find one of the other Archangels. Since God did created Seven but the show only mentions four of them. Hopefully the boys can find one of the other three if Gabriel truly isn’t going to help them.

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