MacGyver (S02E20) "Skyscraper + Power"

The search for MacGyver’s father is something that is always going on in the background. It’s been taxing both emotionally and mentally, and you can see the break down starting to occur within MacGyver. There have been so many obstacles in the way, that he is starting to lose hope. The answer is closer than he thinks, and in the coming episodes I believe more will be revealed.
Riley (Tristin Mays) finally gets a chance to redeem herself, after letting the EMP escape in the hands of a bad guy from previous episodes. She has been shouldering the burden of her mistake for a long time now, that’s a lot of sleepless nights. They will only have once chance to get it right, but even the most straight forwards plans seem to go sideways.

It wouldn’t be MacGyver without some old-fashioned car chase, or in this case, a high-speed jet chase. The EMP is just beyond their reach, but there is no way they are going to let it fall into the wrong hands again. MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Jack (George Eads) commandeered an elderly couples jet to get the job done, cue the cleverly timed cameo by the brilliant Ed Asner in all his glory.

The team can’t seem to catch a break, especially when the bad guys are always one step ahead of them, parachuting onto a building in Shanghai. They really seem to get around in this show. Forcing some quite improvisation upon the pilots, Jack and MacGyver are on the chase again, but this time it’s against the clock. With Bozer (Justin Hires) and Riley in hot pursuit, thing’s weren’t looking so good for them.

That’s one of the best parts of the show, when they overcome ridiculous odds and pull through mostly unscathed in the end. A child of a billionaire is thrown into this debacle, and when the EMP is set off, it sets off a chain reaction in the building. They are plunged into the dark ages, and Jack loses another phone. With MacGyver on the case, you better believe there is some brilliant ingenuity and out of the box plans to get them where they need to go. Oh, and the Die hard references were certainly a nice touch.

Riley is up against her greatest obstacle to date, and she isn’t going to give in so easily this time. Needing to find some sort of redemption, she works her own miracles. Creating a building “x-ray” in order to track down where the heavily armed mercenaries are and how to keep the dynamic duo safe, along with the imp, Ethan, they have acquired along the way.
Time is running on empty, especially when the father of Ethan gives them a mere 30 minutes to rescue his son and bring him to safety. Even with all of Matty’s (Meredith Eaton) convincing, it falls on deaf ears. He would do anything for his son, including paying a hefty ransom if need be. Although the boy is in capable hands, they get barraged by gunfire. Fear not, MacGyver’s mind is always working two steps ahead. Things get quite, electrifying, when the mercenaries are lead into a trap and rendered useless.

Another save for the team, and Riley finally gets to wipe the slate clean. She needed this win in order to move forward, no one should have to deal with something that heavy.

All in all it was another great episode. There seems to be action from start to finish, which is quite appealing to watch. The snark and banter between all the characters just makes it one fantastic journey. With only a few episodes left, it feels as though there is going to be some sort of huge reveal. We will soon find out.

The next episode of MacGyver is Friday, April 20 at 8/7c on CBS.

Photo: Screen Capture by author of review.