The Big Bang Theory (S11E20) ‘The Reclusive Potential’

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Can you believe it? Finally, it is time for Sheldon and Amy’s bachelor and bachelorette parties! Let the good times roll.
Sheldon (Nathan Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) are not your typical “cookie cutter” couple. We knew right from the start their parties would be…you know, a bit wild and crazy. (I snort and snicker.)

Sheldon’s bachelor party would be filled with interesting events.  Amy’s on the other hand… We start the night off with plans being made. Followed by some very interesting events happening. It was fate indeed that Amy’s party corresponded on the same weekend Sheldon was going on a business trip. Struck by luck, indeed… He was going to visit the reclusive genius mathematician who believes Sheldon’s work on string theory can help him unlock the secrets of time. (Ah ha!) Let me put it to you this way. Wolcott (Peter MacNicol) is a recluse. He insists on total privacy and discretion. He’s so committed to being off the grid, that he sends Sheldon directions to his secluded house in code. (How is that for secrecy?) Amy has dinner with Sheldon and the guys, she insists they go with him. In fact, she persists until they say yes. Anyone that is so off the grid like Wolcott must be an oddball. They can’t let him go alone. This is Sheldon’s bachelor party. Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) are on the journey with Sheldon. Exciting times….

They finally arrive at Wolcott’s cabin. The first thing he asks is “Do they share our love of genius and academia?” (That would be a resounding NO.) These guys are looking for a “wild and crazy” bachelor party. They are not looking for what Professor Wolcott has to offer. They are all good friends and are there to protect Sheldon just in case things go sideways. Back at the apartment, Bernadette (Melissa Raunch) and Penny (Kelly Cuoco) reveal what they planned for Amy’s Bachelorette party. A “Quilting Party”- really girls?! Why not hit the “Chip N Dales” or a bar? Quilting is your idea of a bachelorette party? Penny doesn’t want this tonight. It was just like that. They took my recommendation. (I kid in jest.) They really went to a bar though. Where shirtless men were, and body shots took place. It was not long after, that Amy was sleeping at the bar. Clearly, party life is not her middle name. Poor Amy, you’re not a party animal after all.

Later, Amy wakes up on Penny’s couch. Disappointed. We see Bernadette and Penny are there watching a movie. Amy asks them “What happened?” A little white lie is told (to protect the innocent). Penny tells Amy “A lot of wild and crazy things! For example, you were river dancing on top of the bar!” (I kid you not.) Amy returns to the apartment to recover from her hangover. Meanwhile, back in the deep woods (wherever they are) Sheldon is still hanging tough with Wolcott. This man is a mathematical genius with some real discoveries. If by chance Wolcott would ever mention he has a wife, Sheldon and Penny “Are moving on up to where ever this place is.” (I laugh) When Sheldon presses for more information out of the reclusive Wolcott. He discovers his wife lives in Europe! They have a long-distance romance. It works for them. They focus on their work and share their successful breakthroughs and projects together? This is something the guys are worried about. What about Amy and them?

Wolcott goes hunting for their dinner. (squirrel!) While Sheldon makes a major declaration! Sheldon doesn’t want to do a long-distance relationship with his soon-to-be wife. He doesn’t get why suddenly he doesn’t want this life he groomed himself for. Sheldon tells the guys. He has a “he’s got friends and a girlfriend he loves.” He suggests they go. “I miss Amy.” – Sheldon.
The episode ends with Sheldon explaining all this to Amy and asking her if she’d love him even if he changed because of being with her. She asks him the same question and he gives her a resounding “yes,” which she echoes back to him – along with a demonstration of her river dancing skills.

The Big Bang Theory (S11E20) ‘The Reclusive Potential’: Moments of Laughter:

  • Leonard: “You have a bit of a grin. You want to know what kind?”
  • Sheldon: “Drop me at the bottom of the mountain. I want him to think I’m cool.”
  • Sheldon: “You may have to wait in the car.” (When the guys get to Wolcott’s secluded cabin!)
  • Sheldon: “I’m from Texas and I can tell the difference between squirrel and rabbit.”

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