Chicago Fire (S06E18) "When They See Us Coming"

Hi peeps~

I’m back with a new review, for you guys. This episode though..

Let’s jump straight into it.

The episode started of, really quiet. It was peaceful, just an ordinary day at firehouse 51.

Joe Cruz, helping out people as usual. This guy is just too kind. He’s really one of my favorite.

The kid whom, Joe was going to tutor. Just helping out with Math. He’s so cute, and I absolutely adore his dreads(sorry🙊)

Out of the blue…the feds take over firehouse 51. I really disliked the way the acted. It was like the whole place was theirs.

Severide looked pissed off. While Herrmann was ready to punch someone. He never seizes to make me laugh.

Cordova that guy..I didn’t know he felt something towards Dawson. I didn’t see that coming.

I was as shook, as Gabbie. Who tried to sweet talk Casey the whole time. The scene where they were talking in his office.

Too much cuteness, until Cordova ruined the moment. Typical firehouse 51. Well, the guy who’s partner got shot.

I disliked him immediately, until I heard about the incident. He made me think of Antonio and Jules.

Any Chicago PD fans? hehe. Back to the feds, who kept commanding and controlling the whole firehouse.

The way they send people away. Seeing as it is normal, for Chicago citizens to just drop by. I felt sorry for them.

Odis..He got a bit emotional at the beginning. I really feel for him. Sitting, stuck behind a desk the whole day.

That’s not Bryan’s way of living. He’s a firemen, and the driver of truck 81. A really good driver and firemen, at that.

The kid from earlier, the adorable one. When he threw that rock through the window.

I started to think that maybe, he has somehing to do with the murderer. But he wasn’t, I felt really stupid.

Cruz defended him, and the kid broke my heart. He thought he was going to jail. To which Joe assured him, he won’t.

Brett watching over Joe the whole time. It kind of made me want them to get back together.

But I love her with Antonio. Let’s get back to the feds…again. Casey’s idea, to disguise them as firemen.

Before he told them, about the Jail time. I remembered that scene. It was awesome, disguising someone as a firemen.

Then making them escape, without anyone noticing. That was Chicago PD intelligence stuff. Sorry, I just keep going back to Chicago PD.

It’s because, Casey and Severide can easily be Cops. But being firemen suits them better.

Speaking about Severide. He really disliked the idea of his parents getting together.

After all he went through. He didn’t feel like going through it again. But I really felt like, his dad was genuine.

Maybe he really changed, who knows. Only time will tell. When Kelly told his dad off. Which resulted into his parents breaking up.

His mum was so sad, but got happy when she saw Kidd and Severide kissing. Those cuties.

Life lessons from mommy Severide:”Don’t quit when it get’s too hard.” Or was it leave..something like that.


I hope you enjoyed this review.

Do watch Chicago PD..It’s worth it.

Beside that.. see you all next week.
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