Imposters (S02E02) “Trouble Maybe”

Now that our friends have fled to Mexico, a wonderful and amazing country that’s always welcoming outsiders, it’s time for the chase to begin. Exactly that, the chase, the feeling of being chased, was the one thing missing from the premiere of season two. But now, it is all about the rush of the con.

So episode two felt more like season one of Imposters and it made me remember why I like this show. It is more than just con artists, it is truly about finding yourself and being happy with that.

But Maddie isn’t a happy person just now. I believe she’s actually the one being chased by her decisions in the past. So, after escaping from that mysterious character at the end of episode one (he who has a connection with Lenny), Maddie ends up wanting peace and quiet. She wants nothing to do with the rush. But is she conning us or herself?

On the other hand, Ezra is definitely happy. He seems more confident (which is the essence of the con-artist) and enjoying himself. Also, he is enjoying Mexican girls; one in particular. One that maybe will make him forget about his marriage. And he felt the rush of chasing happiness again. He is even writing again. I am curious if this encounter will affect him emotionally or maybe has he completely changed and is no longer the dreamer of the group.

Someone that can’t deal without the rush is Max. He said it himself, it’s like being dead already. But is the gun pointing to his head at the end of the episode a warning of his demise?

We just got to wait and see where this chase takes us.