The Americans (S06E03) “Urban Transport Planning”

Elizabeth (Keri Russell) washing some of the General off of her face and out of her hair is the opening scene for the third episode of The Americans. While she is busy washing away the dirty deed, Philip (Matthew Rhys) is talking to Paige (Holly Taylor) about the traumatic event she ran up on. He tells her to feel what she is feeling and not try to bury it deep inside. Before he can get very far with “the feels” Elizabeth comes in making it clear that she’s not having any of that. Then, because she’s Elizabeth, she tells Paige that she has to go home (instead of staying with them) because it’s a work night. After Paige goes home, Elizabeth and Philip have a talk about what happened and why it happened. Elizabeth was dangerously close to spilling the beans on the whole mission, but then says, “I can’t”.

The next day Elizabeth has a talk with Paige (a much more calm talk) and tells her that she also made mistakes in this mission. She tells Paige that while she doesn’t want to die, that she is not afraid to die for what she believes in. Elizabeth honestly believes that Paige will not have to take the same risks in her duties for the KGB and has told her as much. Wishful thinking in my opinion.

Stan (Noah Emmerich) pays a visit to a surprised Oleg (Costa Ronin). A visit that Oleg is not happy about. He apologizes to Oleg for the trouble he caused and said that he tried to stop it to no avail. I don’t think Oleg is buying it. They talk about Nina (Annet Mahendru), which makes them both sad (RIP Nina). Then Stan shifted gears to business. He tells Oleg, “Whatever you are doing here… don’t”. You could cut the tension with a knife!

Claudia (Margo Martindale) and Elizabeth continue to teach Paige about Russian tradition. This time teaching her to make zharkoye (a beef stew basically) and send her to get more sour cream. While she is gone, Elizabeth is handed the information on a new target for the sensor (since her old target is very dead now). When Elizabeth takes some of the zharkoye home to Philip he claims to have already eaten to much Chinese takeout. He has been making it clearer and clearer that he prefers an American way of life over Russian. Elizabeth does not… even a little.

Elizabeth meets with her new target, a supervisor at the warehouse where the sensors are kept. She says it’s a confidential security audit. Everything is going as planned, she gets the information she needs… until he mentions his girlfriend  also works at the warehouse as security. Then as he is walking her to the door, she strangled him to death. Third episode of the season, third kill for Elizabeth.

Last scene of the episode we see Philip (in disguise of course) meeting Oleg in the park. Looks like Philip is planning to spy on his wife and feed all the information to Oleg. I hope they will show this conversation next week!