A.P. Bio (S01E10) "Durbin Crashes"

This episode was one of Patton Oswalt’s best ones yet.

As Durbin hears the rest of the teachers talking about how they love a hit sci fi show, that seems to be Midnight, Texas, and wants to ignore any spoilers because he hasn’t seen any of the episodes yet due to his wife not ready to watch it with him. After asking Jake for advise about the situation, he takes what Jack agrees and implies it, which leads to him getting kicked out of his house and living staying with Jack.

But when he stays with Jack, it because one weird stay as Durbin has sleeping walking issues and also tries to be Jack’s wingman when meeting his former ex high school girlfriend, who happens to be split with her boyfriend. Jack tries to fix it between Durbin and his wife but it turns that they are both weird and lets Durbin stay for another few weeks.

Meanwhile, after getting his students to search Devin with disturbing words to get it trending, the students had a better idea that would help Jack but also get them to learn Biology, which was to find a way to plant murderous evidence on Devin. But after it seems to go well and too much learning, Jack stops it and gets them to use google to search Devin with disturbing words connecting to him.

“Durbin Crashes” was a good episode, mainly watching Oswalt’s performance really stood out with good character development and just darn funny. Even the students trying to come up with a way to plant a murder on Devin was pretty funny with the way how they pursued Jack to allow it. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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