Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What’s Your Story"

And FEAR is back!

This Sunday graced us with the first episode of season 4 and the Crossover between FearTWD and its mother show The Walking Dead.

Gotta admit. it wasn’t exactly what I expected from the so waited “Coss-over”.

At first actually felt like I was watching TWD and not FearTWD. In the opening we have Morgan being visited by Jesus, Carol and Rick, all asking him to come back and live with them. For some reason Morgan decides to leave.

For some other reason that we don’t know off. The one thing that keeps resonating is: “You can hide but you can’t run” which is said by Rick to Morgan. (won’t get to much into that at it seems more about The Walking Dead than Fear)

Anyways Morgan leaves to God knows where and the first minutes of the show were a little glimpse of his new trip.
fear 1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What's Your Story"

Meeting new characters
The new addition to the show is John Dori (played by Garret Dillahnt). He seems like cowboy brought from the old movies with the hat and the cool crafted gun.

He was introduced sitting all alone by the fire and his truck, when he heard something (or someone), you never know this days. So he stands up and start talking to whatever is out there, revealing little bit of himself. Also mentions a woman, Laura, whom appear to be separated from him and now he is looking for her.

Until the mysterious sound appears in the form of a walker, or a passed or an infected (don’t know how to call them anymore), he shoots it and behinds appears Morgan.

John invites him to stay the night and keep him some company, he’s been alone for a while, it takes a little convincing but Morgan agrees, just to leave a little bit later when John is asleep.

fear 51 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What's Your Story"
So, he keeps walking to somewhere, he just wants to be left alone. Can you blame him?.

But circumstances don’t seem to agree with it. A group of bandits caught him and tried to steal his things, when all appears to be lost our new cowboy shoots the bandits weapon which was pointed at Morgan’s head. (I love this dude already)

Sadly, more bandits keep showing up from hiding spots and our two new fellows are surrounded by them.
Here’s when the other addition to the show makes an appearance. Althea “Al” (played by Maggie Grace). The new badass comes driving his huge SWAT truck, which is very well equipped by the way.
fear 3 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What's Your Story"
She for some questionable reason, offers this group of robbers some food in exchange of this new people, because “She likes new people”, mmm weird.

They don’t have much to an option since she shows them the big machine guns that are controlled from the truck. So that’s how Al rescues John and Morgan.

They are driving away, and we still don’t know the real reason as to why Althea rescued this two. Out of pure heart? Does she want to kill them? WHY?

Whatever you might have thought, I bet it wasn’t what happened after.
fear 2 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What's Your Story"
Al is actually a “reporter” she says, and wants to film their “stories”. She plays the “I saved you – You owed me” as to which Morgan replies: “I didn’t ask you to save me” C’mon dude, be more grateful!

John is happy to share, so we learn a little bit more about him and this woman named Laura, who has twin gun to the one he owns (pay attention to that detail for future reference).

And after more insisting Morgan accepts to share a little bit of himself. But Althea wants to know more and asks him “Why did you leave? and all in Morgan’s theatrical behavior he replies: “I lose people, and then I lose myself.” So he leaves (again).

The bandits strike again
The bad guys just won’t bother you once, they need to attack again. So that’s how we encounter a second fight betweet our new trio and the bandits.

John and Morgan, disarmed, start taking down the bad guys. We were kinda missing the walkers, but don’t FEAR! While fighting John opened a door and free a bunch of undead making this battle more and more interesting.

Althea is ambushed again when one of the bandits tried to steal the truck, she shows him the “keys” and throw them away, buying her more time.

Our skilled stick fighter climbs up to the roof to take one of the shooters, but he is injured in the process. That doesn’t stopped him from taking him down. Remember, Morgan doesn’t want to “kill”, so when the shooter is left hanging from the roof almost falling in a horde of walkers, Morgan grabs his hand and lifted him up, only to be attacked “again” by the bandit. They fall inside the building when the roof broke and they are surrounded by walkers. Morgan is quick to escape and grabs a grenade off one of the undead and throws it, while he runs into hiding inside of a bathtub. Boom!

Bandits are taken down and so are the walkers.
Now are trio is heading to the road again, joking around a little. Uff that was intense! Glad they had a moment to relax.

Banner 51
While they are driving away they noticed this “banners” with a “51” written on them, Al tells them she has been seeing these banners lately but doesn’t know what they mean.

Morgan, once again left their companions. But he couldn’t make it that far since he’s been injured by a gun shot in his leg before while taking down the bad guys. So, John saves him, again, and asks him to come back with them, at least for a while, he finally agrees.

Now on the truck again, they see someone who seems to be injured in the middle of the road. Althea asks Morgan to take her gun, but he goes with the whole “I don’t kill people” mantra, and neither does John. Mm they could’ve warned her before head.
fear 4 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What's Your Story"
Anyways she gets out from the truck and approach this injured person. While we don’t see this person’s face, Al asks Morgan to take the first aid kit.

As soon as she is closer, this person, shows her face. IT’S ALICIA CLARK!

She says, in a low voice, “there’re bad people” when Al downs her guard Alicia takes her chance and threats Al with a blade to her neck. Morgan and John come quickly to the rescue, but they are soon trapped by Strand, Nick and Luciana who were hiding in side of the road.

fear 61 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E01) "What's Your Story"
How many times can this trio get ambushed? Great cliff-hanger and great episode!

Can’t wait to see what our old “Fear The Walking Dead” characters have been doing and what will they do now!

Don’t miss the next episode on Sunday!