Supergirl (S03E14) "Schott Through the Heart"

Okay this episode was literally an episode worth waiting for! We had so many good moments of the episode and we had a lovely guest on the show tonight too! We had Laurie Metcalf who most remember her performance from the 1989 movie Uncle Buck as the character Marie. Or is it just me who remembers that? But anyway lets get to the review!

So yes my readers, Supergirl returned to our screens tonight and we were very excited to see this episode! We have Winn (Jeremy Jordan) finding out his father passed away in prison. The following day they have the funeral where it ends with a bang, no literally that coffin went ka-bam all over the place. After 20 years Winn’s mother Mary (Laurie Metcalf) who has been staying away from Winn all that time has now come back into his life. And of course Winn is not happy about it at first.

I really liked this episode, mainly because we got a look into more of Winn’s past like why his mother left. I mean its not that much of an issue but I’m sure there have been a lot of fans of the show that have been wondering that. And we finally got the answers with this episode. I also really liked that they touched on the topic of Alzheimer’s with Jonn Jonz (David Harwood) father M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly). I really thought it was wise that they brought that topic up. Especially since it’s one thing that is bound to happen to most elderly people in the United States. I mean hell, I know what strain that it takes on family members. I’ve had to deal with it too, I’m still dealing with it with a family member to this day; thing is I know what toll it’s going to eventually take on Jon/Martian Manhunter cause it’s the number one disease that can really break down people all around the one that is affected by the disease.

This did have it’s perks like, toyman’s legacy lives on through a prison Maintenance woman? Yes apparently Toyman trained Jacqueline Nimball (Brooke Smith) who I have to say is quite kookoo for coa-coa puffs. Toyman might’ve chosen the wrong person to trust with his true inventions, cause she really didn’t do the greatest work that he did all those years. Instead, she made so many mistakes that even Winn’s mom could figure out were amateur mistakes. Like the flying monkeys they were an amateur move that was just way too simple for Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) to defeat. But something tells me that we will be seeing more of Jacueline in the future, maybe in season 4 or 5 since the series has been renewed for season 4.

Might I also say that seeing Kara/Supergirl, dance while doing karaoke was absolutely amazing. I know most people they just stand there not move on bit while singing the song but Kara went full throttle with the moves, I think she even defeated Barry’s (Grant Gustin) moment from season 1 was it of The Flash when they had that karaoke moment then. I think it was! We also found out from Mon-El (Chris Wood) that the evil Pestilence world killer has been a long time villain in the future that Mon-El and the other Legion members have tried defeating for years but have failed because the villain has evolved into another greater villain. And now we will finally meet Pestilence next episode!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S03E15): “In Search of Lost Time” airs Monday April 23, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW