The Arrangement (S02E06) “The Break Up”

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Where do I even begin? Last night was a combination of that movie “A Hazy Shade of Winter” with Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader. Sprinkle in the Ozzy Osbourne song. Do you remember “Crazy Train”? It’s the best way I could describe this amazing tour de force. The episode was written by Jonathan Abrahams and Olivia Briggs. This episode was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill and executive produced by Jimmy Fox.

Let’s get started, shall we?

On a Rampage, Slow Down Baby.
What can one say? Kyle West (Josh Henderson) started off on a slow rampage last night. Suddenly, it was full-blown! “I’m on a rampage, slow down, baby.” Except this isn’t the EPMD song. It was the impression we were certainly given straight from the start. Little did we know it was all flashbacks from Kyle’s time with Lisbeth (Ashley Hinshaw). If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought it was happening in real-time.

The next thing we see is Kyle frantically texting Lisbeth. It’s as if we are getting a glimpse into their past. We are seeing their history. A note was written. “Lisbeth loved him. His world was too big for her.” (This is so soapy and cryptic. Yet very interesting!) Then the next thing you know we see them arguing. “STOP INTERRUPTING ME.” – Kyle yells at Lisbeth. (He punches the wall in!) Who is Gavin? Lisbeth’s ex-boyfriend or lover? We are seeing a very disturbing pattern. Lisbeth and Gavin. Xavier and Megan. The common dominator = Kyle. This parallel is a recipe for disaster, I’ll explain why. Kyle is literally going to lose his mind if he thinks Megan (Christina Evangelista) and Xavier (Ruffin Prentiss III) are together. It’s like a bad version of “Groundhog Day” the movie being played on the worst possible loop. What we are dying to know is, what did Kyle whisper into Lisbeth’s ear? What will Kyle do to Xavier if he and Megan get together. I shudder at the thought.

The next scene we see is Kyle snorting lines of cocaine. (You see what I mean, by going off the rails on a “Crazy Train”?) The whole scenario has made him paranoid. Kyle doesn’t trust Lisbeth. You can see he is insecure about something. There are major warning signals flashing here! There had to be baggage that both Kyle and Lisbeth came into the relationship with. You must ask these hard questions. “Do you really know that person? Have you told each other your deepest darkest secrets?”. We see Terence (Michael Vartan) standing in the background, he is in the kitchen watching Kyle. “I told her everything, I told her everything. Now she thinks I am a piece of shi*. – Kyle tells Terence.” We notice that Terence stops Kyle from calling a mystery person (named Aaron). This is Kyle’s Achilles’ heel. Whatever Aaron knows it’s a time bomb.

We are trying to breakdown the layers. Understand why Kyle is so broken and shattered. We can speculate to a few possibilities: Did Kyle in a fit of rage murder 1 of his ex-fiancées for cheating on him? Whatever happened to Julie Woolth? She disappeared. I have a feeling that Kyle and Terence know what happened to her…. Kyle killed her, and Terence was the clean-up man. Basically, Terence is the puppet master and IHM is extremely powerful.  “They got the strings on me (Kyle).” (The Pinocchio song.) Basically, Kyle is indebted to both parties for the rest of his life. We witness another flashback involving Kyle and Terence. “We’ve been over this, it doesn’t work. I’m a fraud, man. I’m a fraud.” – Kyle.  As we are watching, Terence is doing his best “IHM quasi-shrink talk” to keep Kyle from shooting himself in the head. Once again, Kyle mentions this guy “Aaron”. Who the heck is he? “I’m calling him. I’m calling Aaron.” Wait, Kyle pulls the gun on Terence. (I am watching this totally gobsmacked.)

We are witness to something, I wish I never saw. This flashback, I’d like to erase. Who would have known all this time that Terence and Lisbeth were a thing? I’ll be honest, watching them together made my skin crawl. It was for the simple fact that she was betraying her fiancée. Terence is supposed to be Kyle’s mentor and father figure, yet he stabs him in the back? Once a slime ball, forever a slime ball, they always say. If Lisbeth was truly smart, she would have ended it before it ever started. Lisbeth comes out and just says it, “It is always about him.” (You better believe it. This is all for Kyle. In fact, Terence’s obsession with Kyle is unhealthy.)  The next thing you know we are back in present day. I would like to make a point about something. If Kyle was truly in love with Lisbeth and trying to reach out to her in that flashback scene. She was not going to him. Lisbeth was seeking comfort from Terence instead. Whereas, Megan is truly in love with Kyle. She is making every effort to reach out to him. I hope Kyle realizes all of this. The bromance moment was something that Terence was dreaming about. Kyle tells Terence he “loves him” and he wants to get back to his life and “IHM”. (Hip Hip, Hooray! The cult life!)

Finally, Kyle sits down to do his interview. She asks him the question.
“Who is Kyle West?”

Kyle: “I am a loyal friend. Loyal to the people who reward me. A loyal fiancée. A good man, a good person. Most of all, IHM taught me to confront my worst fears and flaws.” (He starts crying. Tears are welling up.) It was just like that friends, that Kyle West was indoctrinated again. Terence is that good at brain-washing. Megan’s parting shots to Terence. “That is your reality. You’ve been trying to push me to the side from the beginning.” Honestly, Terence sounds more like a scorn ex-lover than a mentor or father-figure. Megan and Kyle are just trying to be together. Sounds impossible. If girlfriend is going to BURN IT ALL DOWN. She has a long list of enemies. Shaun is a traitor, don’t trust her, Megan. She is siding with Terence. Zach warns Megan about Shaun’s lying ways and what she really found. (She got information on Julie Woolth).

Does Megan really love Kyle? I am left wondering if she’s the greatest actress ever or she really wants to marry him…  “She loves everything about him. Everything about him is beautiful and flawed. IHM saved me from myself… (You see my hesitation here.) Let me be your lifeline.” – Megan

My closing thoughts: The sheer intensity just got kicked up 100 folds in S02E06, ‘The Break Up’. We notice several different patterns are returning. Kyle is returning to his “past self”. In reverting to old habits (rejoining IHM) and becoming closer to Terence again. This will only cause a wedge between him and Megan. This is exactly what Terence had hoped for, total control over his protegé. Kyle is controlling everything again. As he did in the past. He fires Xavier. Who he had originally picked for the role to replace him?  The flashing anvils of seeing the danger signs from Kyle and Lisbeth’s relationship was disturbing. If only Megan could see. What we have seen… One simple question to our readers, “Who is the big bad wolf in the story?” Yes, thank you Jonathan Abrahams we are focusing “more on the narrative” now. You are telling a love story from a POV that is very rare. The Hollywood limelight. We are blessed to have a rare talent like you.

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