Black Lightning (S01E13) "Shadow of Death: The Book of War"

Wow guys, this season finale was literally wow! We had such a fantastic ending to the first season and I can’t wait for the next season to air so I can review that! This series has become the mold of a great story telling series and I can’t wait to see more next year probably.

So in this episode we had Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Willaims) undergo a kind of superhero coma, where he was forced to relive the final moments of his father’s life. Was it traumatic sure, probably. But at least he didn’t have to relive his father’s death though so that was a bonus. But while he was in his coma the location didn’t always stay safe, but it was good to see Jefferson being able to truly say goodbye to is father in a good way and for his father to tell him that Black Lightning’s work is far from done.

We also got our first action with Jennifer (China McClain) using her abilities to truly give her the superhero code name Lightning. And man was it a shocker, she helped re-juice Jefferson to bring back his Black Lightning abilities, she helped her mother when the raid was happening, and she was able to actually hurl a man with her abilities in the air. I mean she is going to make an awesome superhero in training next season, but who will be training her to her full extent? Will it be Gambi (James Remar)? Or will it be family like Anissa (Nafessa Williams) or Jefferson? Guess we will have to wait and see what comes in store for Black Lightning and family next season.

I’m also very convinced that Proctor (Gregg Henry) is literally an iteration of Donald Trump for this series and he was killed, maybe its a message to the idiot of a president we have in this world of ours. But who knows. All I know is that Proctor using that whole Donald Trump slogan “I will make America Great again” made me chuckle and be like “you wish dumb ass” Wait thats what I say when Trump says it too, coincidence? I think not! But I think we all are glad that he is finally dead and lets hope he stays dead, I don’t want that idiot coming back to life. He really had it coming, going after Gambi and Jefferson’s family like that.

And now that the truth is out there about the agencies experiments that happened in Freeland, what will happen to Freeland now? Will the agency see this and strike back with a whole new team. Or will they leave it alone and let Tobias (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) and Black Lightning fight it out and see where the fate of Freeland lands to. I guess we will have to wait and see in Season 2!

Now as for season 2 goes, here’s what I know so far; The CW can only have four superhero shows on the air at a time which means if Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl return in October then we wont get Black Lightning till 2019 for Season 2. But I guess we will see what The CW does for scheduling wise, hear that CW it’s your move to tell us when we will be getting Season 2 of the great, the all powerful, the amazing Black Lightning!

See you next Season on The CW!