Siren (S01E04) "On The Road"

In the beginning of this episode we see Ryn’s sister going through a lot of distress because of the DNA extractions that have been taken place since she was captured. Although she seemed to be in a lot of pain, she is able to build up enough strength to cause a lot of commotion throughout the facility in which alarms had gone off and woke up Chris. This looks like it is going to be his time to try and escape and it looks as though he still has yet to recover from his wound. We also discover and finally get to see Ryn’s sister in what looks like her human form.

Flash forward and we see hopeless Calvin and Xander pondering outside of the nurses home waiting for her arrival so they can learn more about Chris and what is going on at the place where he is being kept captive. Little do the both of them know is that Chris has appeared to escape safely and is on his way home.

A scene is shared between Helen and Ryn in which Helen is applying a family made ointment onto Ryn’s skin burns from being out of the water. As we know Ryn is a very curious creature and lifts up some of Helen’s clothing revealing that she too has the same scaling. A first thought that came to mind was Helen is a mermaid, why won’t she tell the others? Why won’t she tell Ryn?

We find the gang spying around Nurse Donna’s home to try and link something to her and the facility where Chris had been taken to but then are scared off by two strange men who came in a black van and were doing just about the same thing as them but took her laptop and left leaving Maddie, Ben, Xander, and Calvin even more confused than before.
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The military guys try to make sense of what happened and find out that the entire time they were not the ones watching over the creature and that the creature was the one studying humans. Chris and Donna are shown still driving in the middle of no where and when Chris turns on the radio, Donna stabs the holy heck out of it with a screw driver because she is sensitive to the noise.

Ryn’s skin is getting worse and worse and Helen tries to plead with her to go back to the water but Ryn admits that the reason her sister was captured was because she was following Ryn while she moved closer to land to find food.

As Chris and Donna hit a road block on their way back to Bristol Cove, Donna takes off into the woods and Chris tries to find her. Donna is in desperate need of water and just like Ryn’s first day on land is not used to anything.

Maddie and Ben bring Ryn to the marine center to try and help Ryn. While they are there Sheriff Dale comes to visit and check in on Maddie with a photo of Ryn’s wanted photo. He was very skeptical because of Doug Pownall’s speculation that Maddie knew who Ryn was. Ryn finally agrees to go back into the water to save herself so she’ll be alive for when she finally meets her sister again.
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Xander and Calvin are following the black van that they saw at the military facility and receive a phone call from Nurse Donna which turns out to be Chris on the other line.

After the gang finds Chris he is in bad shape and quickly go to rush him to the clinic to see Doc Abbott.
Ryn and Donna finally reunite near the water. Donna lifts up Ryn and slowly makes her way back in the water and are together at last.

This weeks episode was a good indication and filler for what is to come next between the military now finding out that these creatures can survive in land and on water and what they will be doing with Chris once they find him again. We are left with a montage of the two sisters swimming in the ocean free and together at last but what’s to come next?

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