Star (S02E13) "Forward (E) Motion"

Star is having a flashback of the night her mother died. She’s holding a knife listening to her song, thru ear buds. Simone comes in stops the daydream… or nightmare

Noah’s still wanting Alex to help him out on tunes. Simone is annoyed 
Angel is stinging from his mom’s revelation. Andy encourages him to write his pain, in song. Angel looks at Simone, afraid he’ll lose everything. I think he’s in love. 💕

Ms Bruce and Cotton planning,cleaning & working to “open house ” the salon. They’re back! AND it’s all new! 
The Regional tour is in 2 weeks. Andy and Angel’s song is #1. “Can’t Stop Loving Her” Ticket sales are good. Spotify picked up the track. “Yay!”

Simone tells of the ho’ish behavior of Alex, Noah and Star.  Carlotta ain’t happy.
Charles Floyd is in Europe. ‘Lotta goes to Maurice for tracks in the vault. She finds an old DJ Khaled. She’ll use it for the girls. 
Derek is working and not speaking to Alex. He rolls away when spoken to.   Then he  asks the therapist, Mariela to accompany him to a street event. 😔 #openhouse   Alex moves out. Too much Derek pain.

Ruby hates Star, cause she’s “a white, Devil Bitch.” She has bad, sad memories of white people, death & dying. It’s personal. But Star still calls her, “Ms Ruby” Love it!
Maurice brings folding chairs for the party. His smile gives him a “Snidely Whiplash” twirling mustache vibe.  He talks her into having the kids “compete” demos of the Khaled piece …Then HE will decide. #sly
Simone talks Carlotta into letting Angel stay near, cause they’re married & in case of an ICE drop by.  Jahil has an apartment now. Angel can stay in the RV. 

Angel goes to see his mama per request of his wife. 😚 Angel is there, putting his shirt on. They have a past…a lot! They were in love.
The open house is lit 🔥 Ms Bruce has a date. #tall #dark #handsome She warns Cotton.

Ms Ruby brought Pig 🐷  feet and breaks a bottle to stab Star. She’s stopped.  Star goes to the club. 
Mariela makes it clear she’s interested in Derek. Alex sees it, then cries.
Simone & Angel are making out in the new wig room. ‘Busted by Carlotta, she still had her jeans on, but Carlotta is putting her on the pill. #birthcontrol 

Alex ain’t so lucky. She and Noah do “the nasty” in the RV.😝 ‘Just ain’t into these 2. Nope! #nastyhoopie #dirtydick  
Star is drunk at da’club.  The band cutie, Jax, calls Maurice to pick her up. #honorable  Then Star tells Reese, everything!  She killed her mom. #rutroh

Jahil wants to try again with Paola. She packs to go home to her husband. 👊
Star doesn’t remember anything #blackout Maurice doesn’t share the conversation, but in a back handed compliment, He knows she’ll be “ok” …She’s a killer! #sly #slick #wicked

Angel & Simone have a cutaway, fantasy wedding; complete with sweet vocals. #duet #myship  💑 The whole family is there. Even Brody! 😣#RIP. Their many friends and… not! Otis?!

Alex confesses to Star and Carlotta, she slept with Noah 😝 just as there’s a knock on the door. A young woman is looking for her baby daddy; Arnold!  Uh?  #babydaddy

Well it’s another good one. Threaded with surprises & ya’ll know, I like surprises. The show seems to have found it’s niche and working it well. So far, worth the eye strain. 🎤🎤🎤🎤 4 mics 

Star airs, Wednesdays,  9:00 p.m Pacific Time on Fox